New Ebook! The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose

The time has finally arrived! This new ebook is a project I tried to write several times in the last couple years but up until now, I wasn’t able to make it come together. This is now a comprehensive summary of the top keys and principles I’ve learned in the last four years since receiving my “mega prophecy” which I’ve written extensively here regarding a coming breakthrough with nuclear fusion energy technology.

One of the top themes of my blog site here is how God reveals your life calling and purpose in your dreams at night. As you may know, I spent most of my life (four decades) having no awareness that God still used dreams to communicate with us, or that He would reveal His purpose for us in those nighttime parables. But in the last several years, God has been doing exactly that with me and He gave me an assignment to use my experiences and lessons learned as an example you can follow.

The Missing Instruction Book

UPDATE: February 15, 2021 – Properly formatted EPUB and Amazon Kindle versions are now available!

In the process of walking out my own discovery of my life calling, I began to realize that very few people ever find out their purpose and calling from God. Not only has my blog turned out to be my own testimony of how God has done this with me, but it also serves to create an awareness that what God has been doing with me, He also can do with you!

As I started my own process 4+ years ago, I had almost no advance instructions for how to walk out a major life calling prophecy. Everything I’ve learned was one step at a time and many times I wished I had a real life example to follow. But… I do believe now that God led me through this process in such a way so that I could turn around and use my experiences to help you.

Although this is a fairly lengthy ebook (much longer than my previous two), there is still much more than what I can put into these 55 pages. But this now serves a comprehensive introduction and explanation of the most critical principles to help you navigate through finding your purpose.

Pattern For You

What you will read here is the first of possibly a series of ebooks I plan to write all on various different aspects this same subject. This will be the starting point for everything after this including the foundation for a much longer “real book” once my prophecy fully plays out. Whatever you don’t find in this ebook will be dealt with in follow on projects, including the dreams that I’ve only referred to generally here. Consider this now the beginning of much more to come.

Everything in this ebook is intended as a template and pattern that you can use for yourself even if your life calling is very different from mine!

Here are some of the topics I discuss in this ~55 page ebook:

  • World-changing breakthroughs that came in dreams at night.
  • The example of my own first-ever life calling dream and how it progressed into many others in a series (yours may also).
  • How to operate in two realms – bringing your life calling dreams into reality.
  • Becoming supernatural detective – the search for what is hidden for you.
  • Triangulating clues to unlock your God-given mystery.
  • Why this process can be very lengthy and what’s happening when it seems nothing is happening.
  • The kingdom business of God & the supernatural currency of divine transactions.
  • How God gives you “the idea” that will change your life.

This ebook was previously free for the first year since publishing but is now currently for sale at the link below.

Download Ebook

Here’s the download link! You can also now find this ebook on my store page, along with many other recommended products and my other ebooks. Please check out that page!

Click the image or title below to download this ebook (PDF / EPUB formats):

Video Introduction



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  1. […] Have you ever heard anyone try to combine two realms that most often are at odds with each other?! Supernatural and science are, to most people, almost like opposites and I have sort of hinted at that in a few of my blogs. But… when God began revealing clues to my calling in dreams at night, I realized He was combining those two realms in a very unique and amazing manner. That led to the idea for the title of my original ebook: New Ebook! The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose. […]


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