Science Dreams Updates – “Real Book” In Progress – UFOs – Fusion 2020 – Dream Clues

Once again… Star Wars shows up in my dreams

Here are a few of the latest updates by video in my science dreams series. First, immediately following my latest ebook, I’ve now started writing my “real book” with much greater explanation of all my top dreams related to the upcoming energy technology breakthrough. This new book will be aimed at a secular audience and I’m discussing why that is so important in today’s video.

I’m also telling the latest dream I had this week with another Star Wars reference and how it connects with other energy technology themes as I’ve written about here in my blogs. Included is a brief discussion of the patterns I’ve observed with those who are promoting the increasingly popular UFO revelations which have also appeared in my own dreams. Based on those, I felt the need to briefly introduce a bizarre Biblical topic that needs to be understood in the context of what many are promoting as “advanced alien information”.

I’ll also give some ideas why I believe I can pinpoint the coming year 2020 as the time when fusion energy technology will be revealed for public use. If you have not yet downloaded my latest ebook, below is the link where you can get that. I was very surprised what God showed me about the writing of that ebook in several dreams which I give an explanation of as well in this video.

As you hear what I have to say today, I think you’ll see why I believe there appears to be a noticeable accelerating of this energy technology breakthrough. As always, thank you for watching – if you have anything substantial to send my way as it relates to this, use my contact form and email me or connect on social media.

Side note: the number of times I’ve seen #51 showing up constantly, many times every day for as long as I can remember now this year… this again proves something big is up and we’ll soon find out what that is.


You would not believe the amount of mind wars I had about posting this video today. I deleted this video 3 times before finally deciding to go ahead with it. I have a few ideas why but see what you think…

Second Website Project: Blue Cube Rocket

As I mentioned in the video, if you have not already… Check the progress so far on my newest startup website where I will eventually take my “science dreams” content and post it in a very different style. This is also where my upcoming real book will be promoted according to the secular audience I need to reach there. Click the image or link below for that website. There’s also a separate email subscribe list for that website which you’ll see pop up when you visit it…


The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose


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