Chinese Market – Trump Dreams – Parallel Strategies – Politics Now??

Well, believe it or not, God has been showing me it’s time to begin wading into the realm of politics here on my blogs. I was really trying to avoid that but just a few days ago, I had a dream showing that I was taking a back seat when I needed to be more involved. God has given me several dreams about politics this year and some of that I have already written in blogs.

Today, I’m now going a big step beyond that and discussing two recent dreams I had about President Trump. I’m also giving an update on the Chinese financial markets based off a previous dream and how that is related to right now. The theme of both of these is “ignore the headlines, here’s what God is saying instead”.

If you are following any of these issues, I believe you will want to hear about these dreams and what they potentially mean. Two of my Trump dreams that discuss here do absolutely appear to have a message about the 2020 campaign for re-election.

In order to help everyone understand what may have been confusing to now, I also brought out what many do not appear to understand about how the spirit realm and natural realms are supposed to be working together in the political arena. Those who do not properly understand this are severely lacking the kingdom authority God has given us. This is also something I wrote about in a blog several months ago. On that note…

There was a recent strategy given for spiritual realm activities that relate directly to what is being done in the natural realm with politics right now. This is on the topic of President Trump and MAGA. Once you hear my explanation of all this, scroll down and see the images at bottom for more information on the arena strategy campaigns and how YOU can get actively involved right now.


As mentioned in the video, the ticker symbol for following the Chinese market as I discussed here is KBA – KraneShares Bosera MSCI China A ETF.

Strategy To Save America

As I said in the video above, this is the latest update on God’s strategy for turning around the Russian nuclear war prophecy and saving the United States from the destruction that satan has been in the process of carrying out. This arena crusade strategy is also the catalyst which will start fulfilling the prophecy that Bob Jones gave about the 1 billion that will be saved worldwide.

The first of the arena events is July 10-11, 2020 in Orlando, Florida – this is the event YOU must attend and bring others as well. See the flyer below. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International immediately to register for this event and receive whatever miracle you need in your life right now.


The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose


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    • I’ve been trying to figure this one out since the last 2 years and because of all that’s gone on last few months, it’s become a lot harder to know what this will be about or how/what/when it will happen. The most recent thought I had was that this is most likely about Trump’s second term and that is probably the reason I got the dream 2 years ago – partly to say that in advance.


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