Advanced Technology Revealed in Dreams – Fusion 2020 – Expectations High – God’s Training Process

Just a week ago, I had the most unusual dream of seeing an advanced technology aircraft design. At first, I didn’t know what to do with the dream. It’s not part of my energy technology series of dreams and it’s not something I was even looking for. But God showed me something. After an entire day of seriously wondering what He wanted me to do with it, I finally found an article that fit exactly what I saw my dream. In today’s video, I’m explaining that dream and what I saw with this new military aircraft design.

Next, I’ve got another update on what I am now calling “Fusion 2020” and another major clue that I believe again confirms what I’m thinking with 2020 as the possible mainstream release of nuclear fusion technology. I can’t guarantee too much yet but watch my video and I’ll tell you what else I’ve just connected in the last few days. It’s very compelling!!

Here’s the link to the MIT article I referred to in my video about what I saw in my dream on December 15, 2019. At a later time, if God gives me the “ok”, I may post the drawing of what I actually saw in that dream. Again, my comment in the video – it’s amazing the kind of stuff God may show you in dreams even without your knowing anything about the matter in advance of the dream.

MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing

Also in my video, I’m explaining more about the process God will put you through if you really want to get serious about finding your purpose and how it will go WAY beyond just your interests and skills. I explain what I wanted for my life and how God completely exceeded that with the “mega prophecy” and my series of blogs on energy technology.

What God has been doing with a very normal average person like myself, He will do with you also – if you get serious and go after Him!! And that is exactly what I wrote about in my newest ebook (see link below).

As I said in the video, for all who download my newest ebook (see link below), if you take seriously what I wrote in there and do everything as I’m saying, please send me your testimony about what God is now doing in your life. I expect to do more follow up videos and blogs that go hand in hand with the content of that ebook. It’s possible I may come up with a new way to give more personalized help to those who are serious about going after God’s purpose in their life as part of that follow up. Stay tuned for more.


As always, thank you for watching!



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  1. I have a collection of prophetic words I’ve been “waiting” and acting on as it’s seemed like a step forward and toward them. But they still feel like a random collection. God showed me a picture years ago of an airport runway with lights converging in the distance to one point. I’m going to assume your book and the progressive method you describe in the video will show me the “how to” of application for engaging with God in my personal life adventure. You mentioned a prophetic conference in Tennessee and a prophet who teaches this… share that name please. Thank you very much.

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    • I completely forgot to mention him in the video but he’s in my ebook… Perry Stone. He’s the man God used in 2011 to prove to me the supernatural realm in Bible is still true today. That changed & started everything for me & God ultimately built on that with everything else I now write about on my blogs. Yes – there is a lot in the ebook & even that is just the beginning of what I had no idea about almost 5 years ago. Converging lights… yes exactly. Chat more by email ☺️👍


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