Timing & Strategy: Dreams With Hidden Wisdom For Precarious Situations

Just last week, a dream was sent to me that was rather confusing to say the least. At first, I couldn’t tell if it was positive or negative except that my first impression was that it wasn’t necessarily bad. But upon realizing the connection between the dream to the real life situation it was speaking about, I began to be concerned that something bad was going to happen to the person involved in the scenario.

But once I began to take apart the symbols in the dream (a very short one), I had one single thought that rose quietly in the back of my mind. As I followed that thought, it led to another of a similar kind. And then another… until I felt like I finally had the right interpretation of the dream. What had begun to look like a negative dream now had a completely different meaning. And it was not bad at all!

That dream, plus the walk through of the interpretation is the subject of my video here. I’ve included the written description of the dream and the short version of my research below so you can hopefully understand how all this came together. As I’ve said in this video, this is part 1 of the situation that this dream is dealing with. Very soon, I expect to be able to give part 2 with the conclusion of the matter.

Seemingly Very Negative Dream + Interpretation

Here’s the very short dream I was sent…

February 13, 2020: I remember something about a car flipping over and using mathematics to know exactly when to jump out.

Here’s what I found when I started looking up the individual symbols. First is from the Divinity Code book, second is from the JMMI website.

“Mathematics: (1) Finances; (2) Income. (1-2) 1 Kings 10: 14; Luke 16: 4-8.”

— The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions by Adam Thompson, Adrian Beale (see quote here)

Out of the two verses listed above, the second one from Luke 16:4-8 was most fitting based on what I knew of the relevant real life details that the dream was dealing with. The main message in that passage is about a person in a bad situation using shrewd wisdom to do something good for people as a personal remedy so that they will help him out in return and he thereby escapes a very bad situation. Now for the next symbol that needed to be understood (jumping)…

Jumping could also be referred to as leaping which is often mentioned in the Bible and is symbolic of joy, faith, victory, and overcoming.

Positive: Dreaming of jumping could represent joy in one’s life. It is also related to worship and praise. Dreaming of jumping could represent being elevated by God.

JMMI Dream Symbols: Jumping

In the JMMI website for that excerpt above, one verse in their list stood out most to me and it represents a personal victory. If you understand the idea of the symbolic meaning of a car, jumping from it means something of an escape from a personal disaster. Here’s the verse that fit more than all others…

For by thee I have run through a troop; And by my God have I leaped over a wall.

Psalm 18:29 (KJV 1900)

In the video below, I’m explaining all this plus more about the dream. Again, this is part 1. When the real life situation plays out substantially (soon), it will be possible for me to explain the rest of what I couldn’t include here. I think there are some things here that you can use for yourself in figuring out your own dreams. Take a look and see what you think?


That’s all for part 1, check back hopefully soon for the conclusion of the situation with part 2. Thanks for watching!


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