Breakthru Dreams! How To Know You’re Crossing The Finish Line

Here’s my latest update in the extremely long saga of big things shown in dreams and circumstances that couldn’t actually get much worse and only a miracle can fix this now… If that doesn’t make sense, no worries, it’s going to very soon. Here are a couple dreams that I and a friend had with some rather intriguing symbols you might see in some variation yourself at some point. These two very recent dreams had a lot more going on than just what appeared on the surface.

If you’ve wondered what it looks like in dream symbology when you’re at the finale of an extremely long process of waiting and having almost everything subtracted from you, but now you’re about to get a ton of stuff paid back… check out this video. These dreams combined a Biblical story of Jonah with an Olympic athlete and even connected repeated symbols from a recent series that I just posted in a video about “precarious situations”.

Connecting Dreams To Reveal Outcomes

Ok so there’s no skiing in this video but if you go back to a blog I wrote a few months ago, plus a recent video I did about “jumping”, you’ll begin now to see how you can have a series of dreams over many months where God is showing you a personal victory way in advance. Believe me, learning how to connect dreams in series will pay off big for you when you’re trying to figure out what’s about to happen next in your life!

Snow, Skiing, Mountains & Flying: Dreams Of Supernatural Acts & The Glory Realm

After you watch this, come back again soon because the outcome of this is going to be quite remarkable. This video is part of the series I’ve just been posting about in the two most recent blogs / video that you can see linked in the resource section (below video here).

In this video, made another strong suggestion here to get a by David E. Taylor teaching called “Inheritance By Lineage” which is mandatory if you ever want to get everything God intended for you without having to reinvent the wheel, waste time and miss your calling.

Just from my own experience so far, I can guarantee you if you do not get that teaching, you’re NEVER going to reach your calling – this may sound like a massive overstatement but the proof is in the Bible and it’s been hidden in plain sight right there all along. When you get that, you’ll understand why I say that. In my video here, I gave a couple little extra hints why that is a 100% guarantee.

Speaking of Your Life Calling & Miracles…

Well, that’s enough of an intro, check this out and watch for the next update. And don’t forget – you need to be in Orlando, Florida July 10-11, 2020 for the big JMMI arena event in this image below here in order to get every miracle imaginable for your life and your family, including the kind one of these dreams connects with – catching up in your personal destiny and calling, especially if you are way behind in life and need a miracle in order to achieve your life calling.

You cannot sit at home during this event and get a miracle – you MUST be there in person. Call 1-877-THE-GLORY to register and speak to the 24 hour staff for discounted travel packages.


Breakthru Dreams! How To Know You’re Crossing The Finish Line 🏁 🥳🎉🏎



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