Science Dreams Update: NASA Technology & Rocket Engine-ering

Here’s the latest in the long saga of my “science dreams” which now has a couple new updates since the end of 2019. Just recently I posted a blog / video about a dream I had where I was in a university office and there was some talk about engineering classes and I saw a formed metal object.

In the last month since that dream, I felt the urge to check out some rather technical videos on random engineering topics. In the process of searching around, I ended up watching a ton of videos dealing with the design factors that go into producing rocket engines. And right in the middle of that, a few unexpected realizations hit me.

Since a big part of my blog site here has become a running testimony of my discovery process where I’m connecting dots and figuring out clues God has been giving me about an energy related invention, this post here will serve as the latest update to that. As I have said many times previously, use this blog as a pattern and template for yourself and see what clues you can pick up that will help you find what God has hidden in your dreams at night for you to find!

NASA Theme Continues

Ever since the first dream I had about my “mega prophecy” just about 6 full years ago, there has been a running theme of space and technology of various forms. Not all my dreams have included NASA technology references but it does pop up in various ways. Most dreams in this series have dealt with various forms of energy production such as solar, hydro-electric and of course nuclear fusion.

But there emerged something new back in December 2019 with a dream I posted here dealing with advanced technology where I saw the up close design of a new military aircraft that I did not even know existed before the dream. If you saw that blog / video, you also know that the literal design that my dream was showing me was in fact being researched and developed by NASA.

I suppose this is a good time to remember that NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In other words, it’s not just space, but the dual realm of aero-space, which includes the earth’s atmosphere as well. So let’s now deal with that latest dream again and see what just stood out to me…

Dream – Engineering & Formed Metal Object

The dream I had on February 23, 2020 involved me standing in the office of an unknown university where the staff was talking to me about taking 3 engineering classes and then they showed me a thin rectangular metal object that had empty space inside of it as if to hold a fluid. This object had a smooth, polished, rounded off shape and was made by these people at the university and there was something about the design that I was supposed to pay attention to. It was approximately 1 foot long on the longest side and less than 2 inches thick. End of dream.

It’s been more than a full month now since that dream and something new has emerged that I only had a slight thought of at first. The design and empty inner space of this metal object was similar in some ways to a radiator. The dream was clear that this object had that space inside of it as if to carry a fluid. The fact it was metal was a good hint about the type of fluid that it would hold.

Radiators are of course made to deal with heat. In a car, they carry heat away from the engine and prevent overheating. In a home, radiators can be used to carry hot water into rooms and then dissipate that heat in order to warm up the house. But radiators are also found in refrigerators to carry heat away so as to cool down an enclosed space.

Basically, radiators are used for moving heat from one place to another. So then, how does this relate to what’s in my “science dreams” series?

Biblical Science Of Creating & Forming

Before we try to answer that, let me insert here the Bible passage I went to first in my effort to see what God may be saying from a Biblical perspective. That single word “formed” stood out to me most so I did a key word search, knowing it would lead to Genesis.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7 (KJV)

I found it interesting that there’s a common idea here of how God formed man from dirt and there was an empty space inside of him for a fluid (air is considered a fluid, especially when considered in the study of aerodynamics). And in containing this fluid, the creation (man) comes to life. In a completely different way, this is the same idea as I saw in the dream with this radiator-type object.

If you’d like to see what the Strong’s Concordance says about that word “formed”, check the link here for H3335, the Hebrew word yasar. There could be an entire blog devoted just to this word study especially because of how this metal (dirt) object I saw in the dream had a very clear appearance as being carefully and deliberately formed by its makers… very similar to this passage in Genesis.

This is fascinating because we humans are made in the image of God and we are intended to do things similar in many ways to Him, just on a lesser level. Whenever we create something and “breathe into it”, we give our creation life and cause it to do the thing for which we intended. Just as God creates all things for a purpose, we have a certain ability to do this as well. This was a really amazing Biblical science lesson that came out of my search to understand my dream.

So, now let’s continue with what stood out to me as I considered this radiator-type object as it relates to my NASA theme…

Rocket Science

In the process of watching a ton of YouTube videos on various engineering topics, I found myself drawn to a few that dealt with rocket engine designs. After a couple of these videos, it hit me that this idea of a radiator fits right in with what was in my dream. If you study anything about rocket engine designs, one of the first things you’ll notice is that extreme heat is a major factor that has to be taken into consideration in producing these engines.

This heat aspect is sort of obvious I suppose but the more you study the designs of these engines, the more you’ll see how much this factors in to how they look and function. Without getting into details here, I’ll just say that the shape of the exhaust nozzle and the presence of all those tubes that go all around the engine has a lot to do with managing that extreme heat these engines produce.

There’s a bit more to it than that because some of these tubes are for pumping fuel to the engines, but for now this is the basic starting point. Because of how the object in my dream was shaped (flat and rectangular), I mostly felt like the message here was more aimed at a radiator function rather than just that of a generic fluid pump. Having said that, as with all dreams of this nature, progressive revelation will bring to light anything else that God is trying to highlight here.

Take a look at this photo below and you’ll see what I mean…

And if you’d like a really in-depth lesson on rocket engine designs, check out the two videos below. These go into extreme detail in discussing the heat problem and how engines are designed to account for that. If you’re at all interested in learning much more about this subject, here is a really great YouTube channel: Everyday Astronaut.

So this is how I understood my dream of that formed metal object as a possible radiator-type design had something to do with what I’ve been writing about in my “science dreams” blogs. It’s an unexpected continuation of the NASA theme that first showed up nearly 6 years ago in my huge jumbo jet dream.

But that still left a few questions about how all this fits the primary ongoing theme I already found regarding energy technology. Seriously, what does a rocket engine and a radiator have anything to do with energy technology?

Rocket Engines & Energy Technology?!

Here’s how I’m guessing this all connects… If you’ve ever looked into any of the research regarding nuclear fusion, you know that in order to have a working fusion reaction, you need to more or less create a star right here on earth (see my earlier blogs).

Yep. It means you must create a plasma of extremely hot material that will be contained inside a metal object. So if you saw above how rocket engines are made and the design factors that go into dealing with the extreme heat, now you see how the radiator type device in my dream can be a hint about a device that contains an extremely hot nuclear fusion reaction. Ta da!!

And this now potentially ties all these dreams into the same category of NASA technology and energy technology. Here’s what we have so far in all my “science dreams“ to date from the beginning:

  • Clues to space and energy technology (2014 – 2019)
  • Clues about nuclear fusion (2016 – 2019)
  • Advanced aircraft technology in development by NASA (2019)
  • Engineering studies and a formed metal radiator-type object (2020)

That’s the simplest answer for how to connect all these dream clues. So this now appears to be the latest puzzle piece update where God is showing me something about an upcoming energy technology invention that will totally change the entire planet.

Where Is This Going?

When I first realized God was showing me hints of nuclear fusion, I figured it was because He was going to tell me how to do it. But then as I had more dreams, the progression seemed more like God was giving me hints of a device that potentially uses someone else’s fusion design as a means of powering this new invention.

A few questions…

  • As of right now today, can I confirm my guess is 100% true? No.
  • Could God still give me the literal technology to make a fusion device? Sure.
  • Do I think that’s what will happen? Not really.

Fusion was already done successfully as I’ve pointed out in a previous blog where God basically proved to me in dreams that the testimony of David Adair is true.

What I still believe at this point is that God will give me an idea that will use already existing fusion technology to produce some other new invention. Let’s see how things play out from here and we’ll find out how much of my guessing turns out to be correct. For now, again, use everything I say here as an example for how you can search for and find clues in your own dreams that deal with your life calling.

For more info on this entire topic, see a few of my key blogs linked directly below where I’ve been in the process discussing this entire subject. Be sure also to get my ebook (image below) where I discuss the entire process I’ve been going through to find out what and how God has been revealing all this to me in my dreams at night.



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