Orbital Mechanics – Propulsion Technology – Outdated Physics – The Latest Engineering Dreams!

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know by now my content has increasingly taken a turn in the direction of space and energy technology based on a long series of dreams that God has given me on all this. Today’s blog will be an update on what God showed me to focus on for the last two months or so. I’m trying to avoid any mention of a certain global situation that has forced people to be stuck in their homes but, just to say, I hope you all have been as productive as I have during this time.

If you’re really serious about going after the purpose God put you here on earth for, you should both ask and expect Him to proactively direct you in whatever course of study is needed for your next steps. If this is a new idea for you, then this blog will be an eye opener because God showed me exactly what to study even before the global shut downs began and I have not one time lacked for anything meaningful to do. In fact, I’ve made more productive use of this time learning some very fascinating things, probably more so than at any other time I can remember my life.

Some of what I’ll discuss in this blog is just what I’ve been studying in the last two months but I’m going to tie it in with some strange things God began showing me way back around 2018. In order to do this in a logical manner, I have to walk through this beginning with what most of us have some degree of common knowledge of. Let’s start off with my most recent engineering class dream…

Orbital Mechanics Dream

Dream – April 16, 2020 – I’m in an unknown college classroom telling a guy that the reason I’m doing so well in this class now is because in 1993 I took astro engineering in college and I still remember the basics today.  I’m then standing next to a guy who is sitting in an extremely tight space at a desk and he is going to give me a test. I’m looking around for where I’m going to sit because there’s not enough room right there. This class is something about orbital mechanics. 

It turned out this dream was nearly literal and was in fact an instruction for me to study orbital mechanics (satellites, planets, moons, etc) and I even correctly referenced the actual year I first studied this in college (1993). The narrow desk space meant that I needed to put in effort into studying this because I barely remembered anything from way back in that college class. The test meant an occasion will come up when I will need to know this material and now is the time to be getting ready for that. The biggest confirmation that this dream was literal was the exact reference to the year that I did in real life take a class in astro engineering in college.

If you’re unfamiliar with orbital mechanics, it’s the science of how satellites and the moon orbit around the earth and how planets orbit around the sun in our solar system (or any other for that matter). It’s a huge topic because basically almost everything in space is effected by gravity. It does not matter if we are launching a satellite in orbit around the earth or if we are trying to put a landing craft on Mars.

Everything we do is subject to gravity and most of the time, it is an extremely influential and limiting factor. Not to mention, every planet, moon, asteroid and even light itself is completely under the influence of gravity in many ways. This dream turned out to be a very fascinating study topic and I was amazed how much there is to learn.

In the process of looking for online material that had what I needed to on this topic, I found many videos which I added to a new playlist on my YouTube channel. If you have any interest in learning how complex this subject is, you can watch some really great videos here…

Once you have an idea how all these orbits work, the next thing is to get an idea what it takes to put a manmade satellite into one of many possible types of orbits. And that leads us back to our previous topic of rockets and engines.

Propulsion Science – Life Changing Technology

In a previous blog, I wrote about a dream I had where God showed me I needed to study how rocket engines are designed. That dream took me about a month to figure out but as soon as I did, I began right away looking for material to study so I could get up to speed on this. The reason it took a month to decipher was because although I had previous dreams about NASA and space travel, this was the first time anything came up that referred to rocket engines specifically.

Dreams of being in a classroom can at times be God’s way of showing you that literally there are things you need to learn right now in preparation for your next assignment. As I explained in my previous rocket engine blog, I found some really good videos on this topic and a couple excellent YouTube channels that pretty much have everything you’d want to know about current and past rocket engines. I quickly realized what a huge subject this is and I found it very fascinating and really enjoyed everything I’ve been learning.

If you missed that last blog where I explained the dream and posted some videos that I had initially watched, you can find that here…


Science Dreams Update: NASA Technology & Rocket Engine-ering

In the midst of this latest study on both rockets and orbital mechanics, one huge realization hit me. Rockets are the only publicly known means of getting into space and traveling to other planets. They are fun to watch and learn about and as soon as I’m able, I’m planning a trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida so I can see a live launch in person.

Having said that, there is a huge undeniable dilemma like an elephant in the room that should have forced a serious discussion into the mainstream public long ago. Since it obviously has not, let’s just acknowledge the facts right here…

Limitations Reached – Breakthrough Long Overdue

Rockets are based on technology that has been around since the 1940’s. Yes, many significant advances have been made since the German V-2 (A4) rockets and these have allowed us to put many very useful satellites in orbit and conduct various types of space research. It must be acknowledged how much our lives have drastically improved by the widespread use of rockets for various forms of space flight.

But with all the talk of putting people on Mars and the Moon, it should be undeniably obvious that we have run into a massive technological brick wall of limitations with what we can do with rockets and rocket propulsion. Take a really close look at SpaceX’s plans to use the new unbelievably huge Starship rocket launch system for travel to both the Moon and Mars.

No matter how you look at it, the idea of doubling the size of our biggest rockets and adding extreme complexities of many sorts begins to look completely absurd. Putting it more bluntly (and accurately), what we are doing is basically the equivalent of traveling through space on an interstellar bicycle.

Believe me, I love the whole rocket thing and everything they have given us, but seriously… what we’re trying to do with them at this point is hmm… “get real!!” If it wasn’t for a certain Japanese billionaire funding all this with perhaps specious reasons, I doubt this whole thing about trying to cross the Pacific Ocean on a row boat would even have made it on the drawing board.

But if you’re at all interested in learning what the new SpaceX Starship is and how NASA has chosen it as a prime candidate for the new lunar landing program, Artemis (the first step towards their Mars plan), check out this video here…

And for many more excellent videos on rockets, satellites and space travel in general, I definitely recommend Tim Dodd and Scott Manley. They have really excellent content!

But back to what I’m saying here – why are we seemingly at a juncture that should have forced the entire scientific community to acknowledge this most obvious fact that our current space flight technology is not at all the answer to any of our extraterrestrial ambitions? More properly stated… why has no one just come out and stated plainly that our current space flight technology is not a serious answer for anything new at this point? Is it really that hard to figure out and admit publicly?

Obvious Limitations Reached – When Will It Be Acknowledged??

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have in almost all aspects of our society and repeated problem of being told what we are to believe (and not). This exists in our churches, the fake news media, our institutionally controlled schools and universities, the medical-pharmaceutical industrial empire and of course our government. The number of controls put in place on us by each of these organizations has been stifling all of humanity for many centuries at the very least. I am not an anarchist, but there is a point to where you can’t deny the mind-programming we’ve all been given by each of those entities.

So back to rockets… as amazing as they are, they are extremely expensive, highly explosive, severely limited by gravity, require millions of gallons of fuel and in the big scheme of everything, they are actually a very slow and spatially limited means of travel. We can barely get to the edge of our own solar system with a rocket, forget about making a trip to another star system by manned or unmanned vehicles within the same lifetime as those who launched it. Rockets are completely incapable of getting us to where our imagination has already gone long ago.

Case in point – do a simple search on how long it takes to get a rocket launched space vehicle to Mars and you’ll see what I mean. Under absolutely perfect conditions at the right time of year, it could easily take several months. For more exact data on how that works, check out this article from Space.com… How Long Does It Take to Get to Mars?

So what’s the solution? Glad you asked! Someone should have by now…

Well, according to some strange things that popped up in my own dreams two years ago, the answer has already been discovered and demonstrated! The solution appears quickly once we first correct the errors we’ve been taught in our physics classes.

Updating Physics – Proof In Dreams!

Back in August 2018, God showed me in a dream a series of physics equations written on a chalk board and there was a problem with them. At the time of that dream, I had no idea what that meant. But within several weeks or so afterwards, I ran into a video at random on YouTube where someone was telling about how the physics we are taught in school is wrong and our equations are all missing something. That was my first clue that God was telling me something bizarre was going on behind the scenes and He was about to show me a lot more.

Around that same time, I had been getting all sorts of dreams about all of the following plus much more…

  • A Star Wars power converter droid that was also a vacuum cleaner (a reference to literal space travel and perhaps dark energy).
  • I saw bizarre reference to secret aircraft tested by the Air Force in Area 51, Tonopah, Nevada.
  • I saw the Star Wars Millennium Falcon appear literally or symbolically several times.
  • I had a references to “Dr Lawson” and the Captain Marvel movie appear (meaning David Adair and a light speed capable engine).
  • There were also constant glaringly obvious references in and outside dreams to the Back to the Future DeLorean car and the “Mr Fusion“ device that powered it.

You cannot tell me with that number of dreams that God has not just trilaterated the absolute proof that everything we think we know about propulsion science is completely wrong and instead, what we see in these “science fiction” movies is in fact completely true right now.

All those dreams began increasing around 2018 and that was when I first realized, to my great astonishment, that God was in fact validating to me that UFOs were real and that I needed to be looking specifically at the science behind their means of flight propulsion. And if you scroll back through all my blogs here, you’ll see this is exactly what I’ve been documenting.


Science Dreams Update: Extraterrestrial Technology?! Yes, The Seatbelt Light Is Now On

Let me again heavily caveat right here that God was NOT saying that the UFO and alien thing was ok with Him. Not at all. Every time I began studying this, He showed me very clearly in dreams and by my own study that UFOs are completely of the devil. If you think that is a ridiculous assertion, then tell me why everyone who is a well known UFO researcher has gone straight into the occult??

Almost every single person who gets into UFOs all end up right there. Just look up some names like Steven Greer and you’ll see what I mean. You almost can’t separate the occult from the science behind UFOs! The only thing I care about with them is that they demonstrate advanced propulsion technology that has also been discovered independently by scientists and inventors who had no connection to any UFO research at all. John Searl and T. Townsend Brown are two top examples.

And in addition to that, if you take my nonstop advice here and get David E. Taylor’s teaching on the kingdom of God, you will find his confirmation of the true source of UFOs in one of the newest books, The Kingdom of God Part 1: Recovery of the Crown. Here’s a quote from the Amazon Kindle version of that book…

Advanced High Speed Propulsion Is Scientifically Valid

What I am saying here is that there is completely valid science behind the idea of causing a metallic disc or triangular-shaped craft to silently levitate off the ground and move through the air at extreme speeds as seen in many videos. Yes, there is valid physics behind this! I had to look into this myself and found out that the knowledge of how to use electrogravitics and microwave associated gravity beams for silent propulsion and antigravity has been known and demonstrated decades ago! None of this is new!

Why do you think God used movie references symbolically in dreams to prove this to me!? If God had not shown all this to me in these types of dreams, I would never have believed this. If you want to see the hard science behind all this (and put your brain through an extreme workout), check out just one resource that explains the physics behind all this:

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology, by Paul A. LaViolette, PhD.

What I like about this book is it is strictly a science review of all the most prominent research done on advanced forms of propulsion. Many of the scientists LaViolette discusses here had nothing to do with UFOs at all but made their antigravity and electronic propulsion discoveries completely on their own. If this book was any different, I would not recommend it. Yes, I did actually read it.

At first, the book was really frustrating to me because I had not seen any kind of advanced science and equations like this in a very long time. But, the more I kept reading (and rereading) it, the more it finally began to make a ton of sense. If you do the same and read it with an open mind, I guarantee you’re going to see what he is saying is true. Why do you think I keep quoting this verse here which applies to our times right now…

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Daniel 12:4 (KJV)

Global EnerGy Technology Breakthrough Is Tied To This

So… Where is all this going? Well, my dreams prove the reason God is showing me this is because it is all going to come out in the open in some way. We have reached the technological limited of what we can do with rockets and in order for us to do anything beyond what we see nasa doing, there must be an open acknowledgment that advanced propulsion is real and has already been done and it’s time we admitted it publicly.

Not only does this technology answer our space flight problem, but it also is directly tied to what has been called “free energy” that has nothing to do with nuclear fission power or coal burning plants or gasoline engines in our cars, etc.

This topic of advanced propulsion technology is also the answer to a massive global energy breakthrough. If you’ve been reading my blogs on my “science dream“ series, you know that I have a personal connection with all this and my blog site here has turned into a step by step documentation of how I’ve decoded the dreams God has given me that are all leading to a very big technology breakthrough.

There is of course much more that I’ll be posting here in due time. For now, I felt it was a good point to document what I have so far to date, along with the latest engineering dream on orbital mechanics. If you want to know more about the process of finding your God intended purpose for your life and the steps and process you need to go through to reach it, check out my ebook below where I elaborated on that quite a bit.

All for now – check back again for what’s next, hopefully soon… Thanks for reading!



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