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I’m feeling the urge to continue with a theme I’ve started here a couple years ago regarding the extensive amount of Biblical truth that’s right in front of us and we don’t even know it. More specifically, I’m referring to what shows up in secular movies that are, most of the time, seemingly written by those who frequently have no serious Biblical beliefs. In the process of watching many movies (I never used to), I’ve increasingly noticed this happens much more often than we realize.

I’ve also come to the realization that the reason Biblical themes show up in movies so often is because of a simple fact – we are made in the image of God and therefore we have, encoded into our thinking, the unavoidable tendencies to think in ways that are very similar to the God who made us. It’s really quite simple – we have God’s DNA inside of us and it continually shows up in many ways. There is no way to change or ignore that.

What I want to do today is give some examples of repeat themes that pop up in movies that show how much Biblical truth is right there in plain sight. These are each kingdom principles straight out of the Bible and I’ll show you where you can find out much more in the resources I’ll list here. Some of this is going to be common sense after I explain it and some will require a serious re-looking of the Biblical passages we’ve all seen too many times but missed what they were actually saying.

We Were Made To Be Kings: Over What?

Have you ever asked the most basic question about all the verses where Jesus spoke about our intended status as kings? Have you ever wondered, if we are supposed to be a king, then who or what do we rule over? If you’ve never asked this most basic question, then you’re way behind (ouch). Seriously, when you encounter Biblical passages like this, you are supposed to ask questions about what they mean (and expect to get the answer). There are many more answers available right now in this lifetime and those who think to push off everything to eternity are really just lazy.

…Yet you do not have because you do not ask.

James 4:2 (NKJV)

Well, I began asking these questions several years ago when I really got serious about wanting to know what it meant when Jesus said “seek first the kingdom” (Matt 6:33). I wanted to make sure I was doing exactly as He said because, if you keep reading that entire passage, Jesus said explicitly that everything we need in this life is connected to following that command. If you do not seek first God’s kingdom, then you have to scrape by and struggle like everyone else does. Seriously, read that entire passage in Matthew 6 again and you’re going to come to the same realization I did a few years ago.

So, because I asked the question I posed above, I eventually got my answer! God already had a plan in place for what we are going to do with our kingship status and… oddly enough, the answer is a Biblical truth that’s perfectly illustrated right in our space sci-fi movies. This quote below is just the beginning of that answer (you can find the book where this comes from linked at the bottom of this blog)…

“If Jesus made you a king, then what are you going to rule over? You see, many believers think that when we go to Heaven, we will all live together in one big city, millions and billions of saved souls. You must understand, there are going to be worlds, empires, and kingdoms created for the kings and emperors that Jesus has established in their kingship. Since God has made you a king, He has also appointed a kingdom for you to rule over. You are going to have a whole kingdom to yourself in the next world.”

The Kingdom of God – Part I: Recovery of the Crown by David E. Taylor

Some worlds have not even been created. Here’s a new image taken from telescope in Chile of a new planet being formed from dust and gas orbiting around a star. Relatively speaking, it’s not even that far from Earth. Check it out…

When you grasp the full understanding of the kingdom message Jesus preached, everything starts to make sense on a much higher level – in this life now and in eternity. But without this, the idea of millions of kings all crammed into one big city with nothing to rule over is beyond ridiculous and completely lacks any common sense. So with that as a starting point, let’s go on to some obvious repeating themes in many of our movies…

Interplanetary Travel – It’s Not Just A Movie Thing

Why does space travel to distant planets (including Mars) show up so often in our imagination and movies? I don’t know when this space travel theme first began but it goes back at least as far as the Buck Rogers comic strips in 1929. These days, space movies are in the top of all blockbuster movies and even in real life, we are increasingly trying to put ourselves on far away distant planets (once again, Elon Musk and Starship come to mind).

But it might be interesting to note that this idea did not begin with man! In two of my dreams a few years ago, I was standing on Mars and it looked exactly like it does in the NASA photos! That dream was from God and had several very relevant meanings to me right at that time. So the idea of interplanetary travel actually did NOT originate with man (surprise).

I wrote in a recent blog how I believe it’s perfectly fine going to Mars and setting up manned bases there but that travel by rocket is completely absurd. God has already validated the reality that technology has existed for decades to make this sort of thing MUCH more practical. See this link for much more about that: Rockets – Jets – UFO Propulsion – Advanced Physics – Movies: Mysterious Dreams.

I recently watched a Disney movie, John Carter, that had some rather intriguing themes which perfectly illustrate all this. In this movie, the main character (John Carter) mysteriously finds himself on Mars after a run-in with a mystical object on earth that transported him there instantly. The funny thing about this movie is, it takes place during the late 1800’s and acutely portrays no human spaceflight capability.

One odd theme that shows up in this movie (and repeats in many others) is how, unexplainably, John Carter is able to exist in the atmosphere of Mars, as if it was equal to that of ours here on earth. The only reality factor the movie writer did include for Mars was that the gravity there is much less than earth’s. But the very low temperatures and lack of oxygen on Mars was not a factor that the main character had to be concerned with. And right here is where you need to go way back to Adam and Eve, before the sin, and understand how this is actually an ability created into our original design.

SpaceX Starship is an absurdly huge rocket intended for manned missions to both the moon and Mars.

Our Original Design Includes Astonishing Abilities

Adam was never created to be under the same limitations that we are now. When you get into a serious study of what dominion and mastery over the elements of creation are, you find out how we once had abilities that show up in all these movies. One of those is that we could exist under water (like Aquaman) or on other planets, or in space where there is no earth-like atmosphere.

Once again, I have seen these things in my own dreams! Two of my dreams showed me perfectly fine in space with no source of oxygen or the need for spacesuit pressurization. At the time of these dreams, I had no idea what they meant and took 3 years to find out it’s exactly what I said here. The dream was not symbolic but literal.

My point is, when you watch all these space sci-fi movies like Star Wars, John Carter, Jupiter Ascending, Marvel Avengers and many others, what you always see are humans being able to travel from one planet to another and not one time is the atmosphere a problem!

My question again is – how is it that our imagination has already taken us to places that our reality apparently has not? Why do we ignore our imagination and throw it out as if it was nonsense, when it was put there by God and even the basic building blocks of our physical form (atoms and DNA) come straight from God!

“Now that we have gone over the ancient mysteries of sonship, protons, and the ancient civilizations, I want to share with you what the Lord taught me about glory manifestations. During the visitation I had in this shut-in, Jesus also taught me the kind of miracles signs and wonders you will be able to walk in as you get into full sonship with the DNA of God activated in you. When you master the ability of protons as a full mature son, these are the things you will be able to do.”

The Mysteries of the Kingdom of God by David E. Taylor

Science & Supernatural – Go Back To Our Original Design

When you finally go back and correct the foundation of everything we believe, suddenly all this that I’m saying here will make sense. Contrarily, if you want to remain firmly stuck in the comfort zone of nonsense that most churches teach on things like this (ouch), you will never get out of the stage of being a spiritual baby forever. This is exactly what I was explaining in my recent video – Rockets – Jets – UFO Propulsion – Advanced Physics – Movies: Mysterious Dreams.

Now, here’s another theme that pops up increasingly in many movies – moving things with your mind. I also explained the very simple basis for this in my last video (see link above). Again, if you want to be imprisoned in church realm teaching the rest of your life, then refuse to hear what I’m saying. The ability to move things with your mind (Star Wars, Race to Witch Mountain, Marvel Avengers, etc) is in our imagination because God put that ability into our DNA when He first created Adam.

When you see “strange things“ like this come out in movies that are written by those who seemingly have no Biblical belief, it just shows that those writers are not programmed and limited by dead religion and are in fact, much more open to believing the real God of the Bible than most religious church people!

Moving things with your mind comes from God. Just because you see occultic people do that does not invalidate the fact that this ability was created by God. God does it Himself and we are supposed to do this also. I recently saw in my own dream that I myself have this ability! In Biblical terms, this is called being a “mover”. Not only was I shown I have this but I was also instructed to begin practicing this right now. See the book I’ve linked below, “The Mysteries of the Kingdom of God“, by David E. Taylor for the Biblical basis for everything I’m saying here.

Sara: [using telekinesis to levitate the objects in the car] I have the ability to move objects with my mind.
Jack Bruno: That’s impossible…
Sara: No, it’s quite possible. On our planet as well as yours. You don’t do it, because you haven’t learnt to use your full brain capacity.

Race to Witch Mountain – Disney, 2009, IMDb

Surprisingly, a Disney movie, “Race to Witch Mountain“, explained this in absolutely perfect terms. The reason you don’t see people doing this is because we have not learned to use all of our brain’s abilities (which was partly lost at the time of the sin of Adam and Eve). And the way to get this back is by going through the sonship process of maturity and development so that you can again regain access to what God put into our DNA. This is why I have posted so much on sonship all over this blog site for the past several years.

Oh, almost forgot, communication with animals (and their submission to us) was also part of our original design and is why we were given dominion over them. Hope you caught that in the trailer.

Ascension Required – Your Kingship Includes Planets

One last illustration… If you watch the movie, Jupiter Ascending, you will see many of the Biblical themes I’m introducing here. Most prominently is the opening plot where the main character, Jupiter Jones, has a life that she openly admits she hates. She’s stuck in a very repressed existence with a daily routine that includes cleaning toilets, but… she has an imagination and desire inside that won’t leave her alone. She wants to see beyond what exists on earth, and literally, through a telescope.

Suddenly, Jupiter finds herself in the middle of a cosmic war, of which she is the unsuspecting target. Why? Because… as she soon finds out, she has royalty status and should be the rightful “owner” of our planet Earth (let’s call this one of the “worlds” in the book quote above). Jupiter ends up on another planet (no kidding… on Jupiter) with an atmosphere nothing like Earth and she has no problem breathing there.

In the midst of a series of bizarre encounters, Jupiter is told “it’s not what you do, it’s who you are” (a Biblical fact of full sonship status) and has to go through a lengthy and arduous process of legally taking ownership of Earth. As you might have guessed, yes, such an idea came from God. In the passage below, Jesus explains that there is a required Biblical process of receiving a kingdom that looks oddly similar to what happens in this movie.

He said therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return.

Luke 19:12 (KJV)

Jupiter then has to fight those from another planet who are have been involved in a human trafficking operation and are trying to steal the kingdom from her by trickery. Oddly the same “plot” we see with how satan stole the crown and ownership of Earth from Adam and has been trying to entrap as many as possible in Hell. In the final scenes of the movie, Jupiter wins the cosmic battle and returns to Earth but remains humble about what she just accomplished (a Biblical mandate) and even continues cleaning toilets despite the fact she now basically owns planet Earth. I don’t know anything about the writers of this movie but the number of Biblical kingdom themes I found watching it were astounding.

To Infinity And Beyond

What I’m saying here in this blog is just the beginning. Travel to far away planets using either advanced technology or a supernatural transport ability, having your own God-appointed kingdom (or empire) to rule on a distant planet, supernatural abilities such as moving things with your mind or existing without atmospheresthese are all in our movies because God put that into our DNA. You cannot ignore what God created you to have and to be. If you try to repress this on a real life basis then you have to explain why it keeps coming out in the imagination.

I realize I hopped around a little here and included ideas and movie themes that are perhaps not all in the same category but I’m trying to get the idea across that God has put truth into our imagination and these “far-fetched ideas” are not to be ignored and dismissed. Our God-given imagination often shows up in our movies constantly and contains much more Biblical truth than we have ever considered.

And now with that, I recommend the two resources I’ve linked below. These are part of a series which I’ve also included links to in my store page. Get these and expect God to validate all this at night in your dreams while you are sleeping, exactly as He has with me. Then, take action on what He shows you and you’ll begin developing abilities you were created to have. Renew and transform your mind according to this and you will begin the process of reaching full sonship.


“Planet” image by Daniel Olah on Unsplash


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