Lunar Mystery In The Sky: The Dream That Changed Everything – A Key To Your Future

Well, how about that?! I just realized I had a dream 5 years and 4 months ago that had a hidden clue about the upcoming energy technology breakthrough that I’ve been writing about here. Have you seen in my blogs here where I’ve posted here about what mystery dreams are? They contain things hidden in symbols that require a ton of time and searching to discover what they mean. But when you finally get the clue about what they mean, it’s often like “duh, that was so obvious!!”

Well, today I’ve got exactly one of those and it’s a dream I don’t believe I’ve ever fully told here and definitely it’s not one that I really understood until now. Just like in previous mystery dreams that I’ve posted here, this one still has a few things to be sorted out so what I’m going to do is tell what has been revealed so far and we’ll find out what still is perhaps yet to be discovered.

NOTE: I have a comment at the end here regarding the “timeline issue” with the science dreams. Hope you find this insightful.

Remember one of my top themes here in this entire website – use what I say here as a template and pattern that can be used for yourself! God works in repeatable patterns. What He does for one person can often be found showing up in how He deals with others. Everything you see here can be used to give you tips to find hidden mysteries and instructions that God may be trying to give you. Ready? Ok, let’s get started…

A Bizarre Sign In The Sky

February 11, 2015 This morning I had a dream where I was standing outside looking up in the daytime with a perfectly clear blue sky and I saw a full moon covered with what looked like black coal and blue ice on the outer edges of it. The black part looked like it had the texture of coal. The blue ice was formed like snow drifts. As I was watching this moon, I was sending text messages to a friend to tell about this moon I was seeing but I could not tell by looking at the phone who I was sending messages to because it seemed like the name disappeared.  There were many messages to and from this person. Wearing jeans and black Christian t-shirt (that I actually have), standing in what seemed like the parking lot on the base where I was assigned – Langley AFB, Virginia.  This was a very vivid dream.

He appointed the moon for seasons; The sun knows its going down.

Psalms 104:19 (NKJV)

As I said at the top of this blog, it’s now been 5+ years since this dream and much of what it means has now already either played out, or is very much in progress right now. This is a dream with extremely dense layers of messages and I’ll try to tell the main points by listing the symbols separately and their multiple meanings. Let me restate that this is a dream that shows a hidden clue to a prophecy of my future as well as an instruction and a time marker for the stage of life I was in and where I was about to go next. Here’s the main symbols…


  • Moons represent seasons, cycles and obviously, space.
  • I felt very strongly that the moon meant my past life season was coming to an end and a new one was beginning – this proved true because I was in the process of leaving 20 years in the Air Force at the time of this dream and I had absolutely no idea what was coming next. 
  • A daytime full moon shows a paradox or an unusual sign and hints of something very bizarre in the future that will be seen by many (Luke 21:25).
  • A full moon (as opposed to crescent, half, etc) indicates fullness is coming personally and this is God’s way of declaring the end from the beginning in terms of showing me something big would be fulfilled in my future (Isaiah 46:10).

Blue sky: 

  • Receiving revelation, open heaven (see how this ties in with the phone below…)
  • New day, prosperity, light / bringing things to light.
  • The positive feeling in the dream and this sunny day also meant God was bringing something very good.


  • Something valuable that is hidden and buried that must be searched for and discovered; literally a source of prosperity (Proverbs 25:2).
  • Major source of energy used on a global scale and relevant symbol personally to me due to…
  • Linked with my location (at time of dream) due to coal trains and shipping port in Newport News, Virginia – I lived literally right next to train tracks where near-daily loads of coal passed by on trains. 

Blue ice:

  • Ice by itself represents storage and a process required to “defrost” something so it can be used or a hindrance that must be removed so what’s hidden underneath can be accessed.
  • The ice was partially covering the coal which meant something was partly hidden and partly revealed (see my blogs on various forms of unusual energy technology).
  • Drifts of ice (like snow drifts) refer to solar wind (see below section).
  • Blue as a color is symbolic of revelation that comes from above (God – Ezekiel 1:26).
  • The blue here also links with a separate dream I had a couple years later where I stood on a distant planet holding a blue gemstone in my hand that I found and I was smiling while photos were taken of me.
  • Smooth ice can mean clarity is coming about things related to this dream and my own life in many ways (yes, that absolutely has happened).
  • Since coal was linked to my location (at that time) then ice then hinted at where I would be living next (yes, my next move after this was to Buffalo, NY).

Cell phone & text messages:  

  • Communication with a person and / or receiving insight from God.
  • Invisible person (no name seen) indicated a person I had not met but also that what they were going to speak to me was coming by inspiration from God.
  • Prophetic inspired words spoken through a person (agrees with above).

As it turned out, this dream was initially fulfilled on February 25, 2015 when I spoke with a staff member at Joshua Media Ministries International. I had been sent a message on Facebook the day before where a JMMI staff minister sent me the link to David E. Taylor’s interview with Sid Roth regarding Prophecy to America.

Here’s what I wrote in my dream journal right after I spoke with the JMMI minister on February 25, 2015…

I think I just had the “moon dream” fulfilled yesterday. This is crazy…I was outside in a parking lot (check) on a clear blue day (check) in the middle of the day (check) and I was on the phone receiving a message from an unknown person (check) giving me clarity about my next career direction (check). For the sake of details, I was wearing jeans and a black jacket (Yep – 90% correct). That’s exactly what I saw in symbols…

So this part of the dream showed the JMMI connection coming to me that I would need in order to fulfill the first part of the dream which pointed at the “mega prophecy” I later received several months after which you’ve seen I write frequently about here in this website.

Hidden Clue To New Energy

If you’ve been following my blogs, you now know that the coal in this dream is symbolic of the exact thing my “science dreams” have been showing me for the last 3+ years. The moon is a place where Helium-3 exists and it is a major source of nuclear fusion fuel that is extremely rare on earth. You can find out more about that in my blog linked below here…


Moons: Lunar Mysteries in Dreams | Science & Biblical Metaphors

The interesting thing is that, as I said at the top of this blog, it has been 5 years and 4 months since this dream and I just now realized that part about the connection with fusion and the moon and how coal was used as its symbol of energy.

At the time of the dream, I did not know God was going to be showing me anything about energy technology! It was not until two full years later that I finally got that mystery revealed as I wrote in my blog about the Pleiades stars and a power station on a far away distant planet. See more about that here: Science Dreams Update: A Biblical Clue From the Distant Night Sky | Energy.

This is why I say when God gives you dreams at the mystery level, He hides things in there that you must search to discover, and usually it takes a very long time to understand what He is saying. This is something I later learned from David E. Taylor because he teaches extensively and in great depth on how God speaks in dreams.

I also was not sure where I would be living when I left Virginia and sure enough, I was right about my next move to New York (where there is a ton of snow that you often see in wind-blown drifts in the winter time). Oddly enough, wind is another symbol hidden in here that relates to Helium-3 because that comes from the Sun in the form of “solar wind”. This is why I say this dream had many extremely dense layers of hidden clues. The more I look at it now, the more it all makes sense!

Mystery Level Dreams Lead To Inventions & Discoveries

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating again here – when you look at many of those who have made science or technology discoveries, you will find that they speak about how they first saw things hidden in mysterious symbols in their dreams. When they woke up, they wrote down the dream and studied it until they figured it out. I have been gathering a list of people which I have already mentioned here in my blogs but you can go look them up yourself…

  • Albert Einstein
  • Frederick August Kekulé
  • John Searl
  • David Adair

These men made their discoveries because God first showed them strange things in their dreams. This is exactly what you see here in my blogs. Same process, same bizarre dreams, same requirement to search and study to find the meaning.

The only difference between them and myself is that I know these dreams came straight from God and I have given Him credit for that right here. And I can prove how these are Biblically based and in fact reveal things hidden in obscure passages in the Bible. Not only that, but in my process of discovering what this dream was showing me, I have gained much more than just an education in science and technology.

And that leads me to the second part of this dream here…

New Personal Connections Shown

This is something I have almost beaten on repeatedly here in my blogs, videos and ebook – when God has a prophecy for you to fulfill, He is going to bring you the people you need to help you arrive at your destiny. There are people you must connect with in various ways and if you do not, it is impossible for you to complete the necessary steps to get from one stage to the next according to your life calling and purpose. If you do not do this mandatory part, anything you attempt in your life will be stopped short and leave you in the state of a dwarf of midget. You will never fully develop into what God originally planned for you.

In my case, this dream showed two things in one. It showed my upcoming connection with Joshua Media Ministries International and a clue regarding the “mega prophecy“ I was about to receive several months later which then became revealed in all my “science dreams” that I write about in this blog. Had I not solidified my connection with JMMI, that would have produced a cascading series of events which would have cut me off from ever receiving the prophecy by phone from David E. Taylor. Some connections are MANDATORY and YOU must understand this.

Also… Notice how God gave me this blog assignment right at the same time I had this dream in February 2015! It is any wonder now how all these things linked together?

The connections we need to reach our personal destiny are going to be both spiritual and secular. When God has a plan for you, there are things you must learn spiritually as well as in the natural / secular realm. This is exactly what you see all over my website here. I show both what I have learned from my connection with JMMI and what God has shown me to research and study in my dreams in the science and technology sector. Both of these have been mandatory for me and this is a 100% guaranteed template and pattern you must follow also! Again, see my ebook for much more elaboration on all this – New Ebook! The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose.

Massive Epic Saga Time Gap – Personal Factors

Last thing before I go – if you are like me, you have noticed how many times I pointed out the very lengthy time gap that has existed from the time all the above transpired until now. Just like me, you might be wondering, what’s God doing?? When is this going to happen?? Believe me, I have asked this question many times. If you saw my dream journal, you would see how He has scattered these “science dreams” over a long period of time.

I recently posted a blog that shows in chart form, the numbers of dreams per year and per month because I wanted to give you an appreciation for what it’s like walking out a major life prophecy that has global implications. Life Calling Dreams: An Analytical Look At Patterns & Timelines of Progressive Revelation.

If you really knew what this last 5 years has been like, you’d understand why so few people ever get serious and go after what God has for them. To say this process was astonishingly brutal is an understatement. Again, see much more about this in my ebook where I go into detail about what you need to know in order to fulfill a major life prophecy (link and image at bottom of this blog). And on that note, let me conclude with an often overlooked and forgotten administrative note for all who have contacted me repeatedly with dreams to interpret but forgot a major kingdom protocol rule…

Often Forgotten But Greatly Appreciated

Thank you for reading and thank you to all who have donated to my work here. There have been times when it was much more appreciated than you would ever realize (read between the lines and ask me later about that). The number of people who contact me versus the number that actually donate is as huge a gap as my timeline comments above.

If my work has benefitted you, I have received donations from many people in several countries using some of the means I listed here on this page: DONATE. Thank you again!!



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