Prototype Dream: Empires – Worlds – Movies – Validating Connections

Here’s my latest update on a dream I posted in my blog last year where I was having my iPhone upgraded and there was a strange mention of it being called a “prototype”. I spent a ton of time looking up possible meanings for what his might be and based on various details in the dream, I knew it was not just a technology reference. This is not a new dream that I’m talking about again today but one that seems to keep having new layers of meaning revealed as time goes on.

This was one of those dreams, as you’ll find out in my video today, that had multiple messages and multiple meanings all in one very dense dream. So far, I have counted at least four ways this dream has been in the process of playing out. Today, I want to discuss the absolute biggest surprise contained in this dream and give the source reference for where you can find out much more than what I’m able to tell here.

Empires = Worlds (That’s The Hint)

Below this video is the book where I made this huge discovery and because the amount of content is far too long to include in my video, I made the strong suggestion repeatedly that you get this exact book that I linked below – The Empire of God, Part 1, by David E. Taylor. If you will get that book, you will find out how everything in my video today is not by any means limited to me (not even close). This instead reveals a piece of God’s original design and plan that can apply to all of us if we go through the right process and reach this place.

In my video, I say that the dream does not say that I have reached this yet, but that it is God’s intent that we understand what He will do with us if we meet His criteria. This is pretty amazing stuff and again, I explain how you can find pieces of God’s original plan hidden in plain sight in our popular movies. See previous blog where I get into all that a bit more: Space Sci-Fi Movies – Kingdoms – Worlds – Empires: Biblical Truth Hidden In Plain Sight | God DNA.

You can also find the original blog I posted on this topic of a “prototype” at this link here below. You’ll see how my understanding of this has greatly developed since I first began struggling to understand what I knew was something of a mystery encoded in that dream.


Science Dreams Update: “Prototype” – A Supernatural & Technology Upgrade Metaphor | Mystery of Creation

Ok, that’s all for my short introduction to this video, believe me this topic is coming back again here soon. Also check below in the resources section for the blog where I just dealt with this topic in popular movies.




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