New Energy Tech: Abstract Prophetic Timing Clues Revealed With A Number

If you’ve been following my technology blogs here, you might have noticed there’s been kind of a long time lapse since the first blog I ever posted on the upcoming energy technology breakthrough. Probably no one has noticed that more than me since I’m the one more or less “stuck in the middle of this thing”. Well, as I’ve said already in several of my blogs, I’ve been learning how to pick up on timing indicators and now I’ve observed a new one that seems to signal that the arrival of this new energy technology is getting much closer.

When You See…

This new sign emerged in May 2020 and it’s a bit oddly (but predictably) rather abstract. On the surface, the sign doesn’t seem to have too much to do with the kind of technology I’ve written about many times here. But, in the symbolic sense, it is very much a solid indicator and I think you’ll agree it’s rather descriptive and intriguing.

The hint? It’s got something to do with an old and well-known aircraft and a program to upgrade its jet engines. I’ll explain how this strange sign emerged and how I see the connections.

If you’re wondering how God will try to show you the timelines for events in your life or those on a large scale, this blog will help you to know what to watch for. Let’s start with the Biblical basis that sets the precedent for the type of sign I’ll be describing here…

So you also, when you see these things happening, know that it is near—at the doors!

Mark 13:29 (NKJV)

Repeating Number Sign Emerges

It was May 17, 2020 that I noticed the number 52 began to stand out. This was odd for me because that number had almost never come up before in my last several years of studying what God had been showing me in all my “science dreams”. The first time I remembered seeing it was a video of the ULA rocket launch of the X-37B space plane where the total elapsed time on the live streaming video broadcast was 1:52:52. Yep, I noticed that and it just seemed like I should pay attention to it.

Later that day, I saw an Air Force Twitter post with a photo of the B-52 bomber. As soon as I saw that, I knew this was definitely a new number sign I needed to look into. Shortly after that, I got the first clue what was going on when a video popped up randomly on my YouTube feed about the new engine program that would replace the very old engines on the B-52’s. And that was what got me thinking.

B-52H Stratofortress, image credit: US Air Force

As prophetic signs go, you sort of have to learn how to pick up on them. To some, it probably just seems like a “coincidence”, but almost a decade now of learning how this works, I’ve observed many times how these are no kidding, real encrypted messages where God is saying, “watch what happens next”. So, in my continued search and pondering to figure what was going on here, a few thoughts hit me…

Why The B-52?

The B-52 is sort of an iconic symbol of the American military, but it’s also a well-known big jet that has even inspired the name of a rock band from a few decades ago. It’s more or less a universal American symbol of lots of things including war, nuclear war, major military campaigns, intimidation, etc (lots more). But also, just from the fact that it is a bomber, it also symbolizes power, including destructive power but, more prophetically – “breakthrough power”.

Simply put – this jet is a profound “stand out” symbol that can easily be used for a prophetic timing reference point. Here’s a really great and entertaining video on the history and basic operational features of the B-52…

Engine Upgrade As a Prophetic Sign

What stood out to me the most as I considered the B-52 as a prophetic symbol was the most recent news about the engines and the upgrade program. Let’s start by considering the basics and see why God would be showing me this.

First thing we should do is to just start off by asking a very simple questionwhat is an engine? The answer to that will reveal what God is really trying to tell us. So… engines produce power (energy), specifically for the purpose of propulsion. An engine upgrade then, is an engineering effort intended to produce a better and more capable version which will use much less fuel and be less expensive to operate. Ok, great!!

And how does this have anything to do with my energy technology series of blogs? Simple: it’s a symbolic comparison between the B-52 bomber and something else of a very different kind where the main similarity is the idea of energy technology upgrades. Makes sense?

Prophetic Rhyming??

But wait… not so fast!! Upon considering all this in the last couple weeks, it occurred to me that I had already seen this number a few months ago in a blog where I charted the number of dreams I had on this invention topic per year and per month. This is where things really got crazy because in my charts, I noticed the number 3-5-2 appeared and I had the distinct impression that it had to have some significance that I just hadn’t caught onto at the time. Here’s what it is…

If you speak out those numbers “3-5-2”, the number “three” sounds very much like the letter ”B” (“three-fifty-two” and “Bee-fifty-two”). So as it turns out, God was already trying to show me that something was coming with these specific numbers. Here’s the blog where you can find that… Life Calling Dreams: An Analytical Look At Patterns & Timelines of Progressive Revelation.

This is why I say the #52 is an abstract numerical symbol that refers to the B-52 bomber; but the only reason for God to show me this is because of the symbolic reference to “new energy” and upgraded technology. Simple. It’s a matter of a prophetic connection such that, “when you see X, you know that Y is coming as well”. Exactly as the verse above states in Mark 13:29.

Previous Dream Links: Engines & New Energy

In my first-ever dream where God began giving me hints of something big in my future, I had a dream of a huge 5-engine NASA space technology jumbo jet. Eventually, I realized that the 5 engines represented power and there was a hint about a new form of energy technology that Kim Clement prophesied about.

You may have also noticed how many times the word “propulsion” has made its way into my blogs regarding this new energy breakthrough. There is a very clear link between the new energy technology and propulsion. Here’s a great video by the maker of the B-52 (Boeing) regarding the rationale for the engine upgrade program…

Timeline Guessing: Many Dots Must Connect

So the next step here is to see if we can get any more clarification on the specific timeline with all this. From studying all that has appeared in my “science dreams”, it seems like there are a number of complex pieces that have to fall into place for this new technology to come into reality. This is where it gets very tricky.

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

Ephesians 5:15 (KJV)

Sometimes in order to guess on a timeline, you have to look at many different references and approach the whole matter from various angles. If I wanted to make this blog more complicated, I do have a few more dreams and various other signs that could easily help paint this picture with potentially more clarity.

Rather than explain what those are, let me just say that I do have other dreams, even some going back three years on this invention prophecy topic that have suddenly started playing out just in the last two weeks.

…and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment. Because to every purpose there is time and judgment,…

Ecclesiastes 8:5B – 8:6A (KJV)

Time Lapses & Signs: A Few Tips…

One very definite fact about prophetic signs is that when you see a sign appear in real life, it may not necessarily mean the thing it refers to will happen in the next 24 hours or so. This has been the excruciating realization I’ve made since the last several months when some major events in real life played out which I first saw symbolically way back in December 2019 (and yet as of today, I’m still here waiting…)

I don’t know how to answer this except again to aim the attention at the verses above. God’s timelines are observably not always denoted in hours, minutes, seconds as we often hope but rather on a much longer time scale.

I’ve noticed from my own dreams that, the bigger the event God shows you in your dreams, the longer the time lag before it actually happens in real life. This has been a very accurate way of judging timelines for me and I even wrote some of this in previous blogs…


Prophetic Timing Indicators in Dreams: Direct & Indirect Means of Discerning God’s Timing Clues

If you haven’t seen that video, I recommend checking it out because there are patterns I discussed that you will definitely notice in your own dreams.

So this is sort of a not too long blog simply about the connection between the B-52 engine upgrade as a timing sign for the new energy technology. If you ask me, this is probably a bigger sign than I’m making it out to be. Let’s add this to the list and see where it goes from here, shall we?



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