What Road Are You On? Driving Dreams

I’m guessing you’re like me. You’ve had a few dreams of driving in a car / SUV / bus, or just about any other type of road-vehicle. These are common dreams! So most likely you’ve had this kind. I just had another one and it was somewhat very different from my past (many) dreams of driving in a car. Because of how common these are, this was the perfect chance to post a blog most people can identify with. In this blog here, I’m going to give you some of the simplest interpretations of what driving in your dreams means plus a few different ideas about types of roads you may find yourself on in these nighttime parables.

Driving Dream

So my dream last night had a couple different aspects to it but I’ll just aim at the most common element as I said above. In the dream, I was getting on a road and going through two roundabouts. The first was easy because I just had to make one right turn immediately to the first exit and I was off on the road I needed to be on. Then I came to another roundabout and had to go around it 3/4 of the way, which put me 90 degrees to the left of my initial direction. This roundabout had two lanes and I went directly to the inner (left) lane because I could go faster and then get on with where I was going next. There were not many other cars on these roads so I had no delays or traffic to deal with. End of dream.

Like I say, there were a couple more things that happened there but they are not relevant to the basic topic here so I’m leaving them out. So let’s take a look at this and walk through what all this means.

Types of Roads

Starting out with the most basic part, I was driving by myself in a car and no one else was with me. This means the dream is about part of my life where God is exclusively speaking of only what I am doing myself. It does not relate to anyone else since I have no passengers and I’m not following anyone else ahead of me or anything like that. Pretty simple. Check the link here for a previous blog I did on vehicles in dreams...

Infographic: Vehicles in Dreams

Next part is that I’m driving on a main road. Generally, we can call this a path of life that I’m “traveling” on and it’s a road in good condition that can accommodate a lot of traffic so this is sort of like me going to a new personal destination. The roads in my dream were in good condition so this was showing everything is going fine here.

If this was a dirt road, that could be about a rough time personally and getting into personal challenges that invole matters of the flesh (dirt – Galatians 5:19-21). Muddy roads would be even worse and may emphasize even more so the operation of the works of the flesh but also perhaps environmental challenges (rain that makes the road muddy).

Narrow roads can be challenging circumstances. Winding roads can be difficult circumstances where you can’t see what’s coming up ahead in your near future. Mountainous roads can be about a difficult time in life where you are having to navigate through obstacles or exert effort that makes you feel like you are “going uphill”. See here for more in my previous blogs…

Mountains, Hills in Dreams: Science & Biblical Metaphors

Highways with much traffic can be about being involved in some type of commerce (business) where many people are somehow part of your journey (directly or indirectly). If it is about business, then definitely you’ll involved with the world around you in some ways (1 Kings 10:15). Highways can have other meanings as well including being stuck in worldliness or the broad road that leads to destruction (Matt 7:13). But in my dream, it was positive in many aspects so I include that also because dream symbols can have positive and negative meanings, all based on context.

So in my dream, I was on main roads that had few other cars (maybe 2-3 max). At the very least, we can say that my personal life direction is free of hindrances and slow downs due to any number of reasons.

Intersections & Roundabouts

Now we get to the roundabouts! Finally… ok, so this is interesting because these are basically intersections of roads. When you see an intersection in a road, it can often represent a life choice or a decision between two or more options. It can be big topics or smaller ones. It can be something that effects you in a big way or not as much. Either way, it can represent a possible change of direction for you to some extent. In my case, I have a few major life changes coming very soon and very long awaited.

But let’s be more specific because roundabouts are not just an intersection. These are designed so that traffic flows more smoothly and there is no start / stop. If you think of this in a personal metaphor, this can mean your new transition point is going to be relatively smooth. In case you’re not familiar with a roundabout, here’s a pretty good photo of what it can look like…

In my dream, I had no delays from other traffic getting on the roundabouts or in getting off to the next exit and on to my next “road”. So this represents a very easy and smooth life transition coming up (at least to a certain extent). In my dream, I was also accelerating quickly and even making use of the inner lane (on the second roundabout) so I would be moving speedily in the direction I need to go next. Again, all this without any external hindrances from traffic or road conditions, etc. Make sense?

Again, these are all personal life metaphors that you will encounter in your life at various times. And these are very common dream types.

Biblical References

All throughout the Bible we read passages about traveling. Some of these are literally people who went from one place to another and some refer to how we move through life towards a destination (whether good or bad). Starting out with the most basic of these verses, Jesus says expressly that HE is the “way” to eternal life and any “road” we go through life must be via Him if we want an eternal reward. No other paths, no other “religions” will get you to eternal life – none other but Jesus!

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

John 14:6 (NKJV)

We also see how God says that the “way” of man is connected to his/her spiritual state and our life choices and behaviors either lead us in the right way or wrong way. This word “way” (path, road, manner of life) is used because any direction you take in life is going to lead you towards a destination. Therefore it is no mystery why God speaks in this manner. Both verses say a similar thing as it relates to this manner of going through life…

So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.

Genesis 6:12 (NKJV)

This second verse even links our path of life to the “work” we do – whether spiritual works according to God’s precepts or the works of the flesh which lead ultimately to death.

The way of a guilty man is perverse;
But as for the pure, his work is right.

Proverbs 21:8 (NKJV)

Following that, this is going to look like I’m taking the easy way out but because of how much very good information is given in this resource below on roads and driving, I wanted to just include a quote that has most of what I’m talking about here in this article. This below is just one small excerpt from one of the top recommended resources (see my store page) and if you really want to learn the proper way to interpret dreams, check out The Divinity Code by Adam Thompson and Adriane Beale.

“Road (path): (1) Jesus Christ (Christianity); (2) The path of life (faith); (3) What lies ahead for you; (4) The path of the righteous; (5) Peace; (6) Decision (middle of road or intersection); (7) Following their path (someone you know driving you down the road); (8) Destruction (broad road); (9) Changing sides (crossing the road).

(1) John 14: 6 (The Way); (2) Ps. 16: 11; Prov. 2: 19; (3) Exod. 23: 20; Prov. 5: 21; 22: 6; Luke 10: 3; (4) Ps. 23: 3; Prov. 2: 13, 20; 4: 11; (5) Isa. 59: 8; (6) Josh. 24: 15; (7) Ps. 1: 1, 6; 18: 21; 95: 10; 119: 3; 139: 24; (8) Matt. 7: 13; (9) Acts 9: 11-15.”

The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions by Adam F. Thompson

I also recommend checking out the extensive website by Joshua Media Ministries International, specifically on our topic here of Vehicles in Dreams (check that link!) JMMI is constantly adding to their website of online dream symbols and you can also check out the dream books by Apostle David E. Taylor at their store page. Click that link to find out much more.

One of my reasons for this website is not so much to interpret dreams (which I do using my contact form below), but also I believe more so in providing resources so that you can learn to do this yourself. Each of the resources I recommend, I have used extensively myself and are part of my own foundational learning according to everything you see here on this (my) website.

Ok, that’s all for today. Like I say, be sure to check out all the resources I’ve indicated all throughout this blog and as well those I’m linking to below here. If you have questions, check the link below for online dream interpreting and be sure to note my availability and other guidelines I indicate on my contact page. Thank you for reading!



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