Dreams Validating Scientific Theories – Process Timeline – Common Symbols – Vehicles

Well it’s been along time since I posted a video but today I’m catching up on a list of topics from the last several months, including a few very intriguing recent updates especially on the science dreams and other practical dream subjects. As I saw in a dream a couple years ago, there are a few surprises regarding the difference between what we’ve been taught in science versus what is actually true. I’ll be explaining a little more about that and how I know this is true based on dreams.

One thing to note here is that in the process of the learning assignment God has had me on, I found out that what I previously believed regarding science (physics and astronomy) was totally false. In previous blogs, I wrote things based on popular but very flawed theories. At the bottom of this blog, you’ll see a link to a previous article I wrote on a dream involving the Pleiades stars which contained this exact type of false scientific information. So… the good news is that, as I’m explaining in this video, God corrected all that. And such is the nature of this kind of process!!

Common Symbols – Vehicles In Dreams

Having said that, in this video below, I’m also discussing some common dream symbols such as vehicles and airplanes. I’ve had a few on the topics of a car from many years ago, a recent vehicle and a very large 18-wheel semi truck that was a mail delivery truck. I also had a dream about an Air Force jet trainer where the instructor did a flying maneuver that scared a student half to death.

I’ll be explaining all these in this video. Since these are common dream symbols, you will benefit from hearing the explanation of these and a very relevant context regarding life calling timeline issues.

For more information on many common dream symbols, check the JMMI online dream symbols list at this link.

Science & Tech Invention Website

You may have noticed I have not posted as much on this website here in last few months, especially regarding the technology invention topic. That is because I’ve switched instead to my other website that I set up specifically for that purpose. You can find the link to that website below (click the title or the image).

I deliberately set up this second website as an upcoming business site plus I’m reaching a very different audience including those who do not have the same beliefs as I do here. Therefore you will see my style is very different than what you find here. At some point in the future, the content of both of these sites will merge but I must wait for the proper time to do that.

If you want to follow more of what’s happening with the energy technology invention subject, I recommend checking out my other site as well…



As always, thank you for watching and checking out my other website if you are interested.



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