Biblical Clues To Scientific Theories: Sun & Stars – Evidence Of Electrical Nature?

Today we are following the recent “puzzle / model building” dreams I’ve been telling about regarding some new insights God was showing me I’d be discovering. If you saw one of my latest videos, you know that there are some scientific upheavals ongoing regarding the understanding of how the universe really works. The short version of what I said previously is that what we have been told for about 100 years now is not true at all.

What I’m going to do here in this blog is present various sources of possible evidence that may each be mutually confirming and support the idea that our sun is a completely different entity than we had believed. This is extremely significant to the upcoming energy technology inventions because of how prominently my dream of the Pleiades stars factors into all this as one of the top clues to what the new tech will be based on.

Four Sources Proposal

In addition to what I’ve said previously about the many clues given in my dreams, I’ll be proposing four separate sources here that we can examine to see if in fact, God is confirming what appears to be a very different understanding of physics and astronomy.

Personally, (full disclosure), for reasons stated here in this blog, I DO believe what I am explaining here is very likely a mostly validated fact, but for now I’m just going to present these to you for your consideration as such.

In the big scheme of things, I personally don’t care which theory ends up being mostly correct/partly correct/totally wrong. It really doesn’t matter as long as we end up with the correct understanding ultimately. So, take everything I say here as worth considering/somewhat interesting/who cares. Doesn’t matter to me.

Having said that… The four primary sources include:

  • The Bible & Strong’s Concordance
  • The Book of Enoch
  • Dr Chuck Missler’s book, “Beyond Newton”
  • A video presentation by Wallace Thornhill on the Electric Universe

In addition to these, I’ll be including various definitions of key terms in the cited references that might be as much a surprise to you as they were to me. Finally, concluding all this will be a recent video series on a study of the book of Enoch. This series was the catalyst that led to everything you will see here.

As with any Biblical study or investigation into potentially new evidence, we should always remember to take the advice from this verse below and not jump to any pre-judged or narrow minded conclusions. Had I not done this first myself, I would not have been open minded to consider what I am proposing in this blog.

— These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Acts 17:11 (KJV)

Beyond Newton – Evidence For Electrical Sun

Let’s get started with a brief excerpt from a man who God specifically led me to follow back in 2000. Dr Chuck Missler was a highly technical Bible scholar who had an excellent and unique gift in applying his knowledge of science, technology and engineering to a study of the Bible.

Because of my own technical background and calling, it is no surprise now that God led me to him back then. I’ve also discussed this in greater detail in a blog I wrote on how to find clues to your spiritual lineage and calling.

Here is an excerpt from Dr Missler’s book…

“We would think that the Sun’s surface would be hot, and the atmosphere would grow cooler as we move farther out. Instead, the temperature rises logarithmically as we move out through the corona. Why? Because the Sun is electrical.”

“We also find that the voltage inside the Sun is fairly steady, but as soon as we hit the chromosphere, the voltage drops like a cliff. An electrical engineer recognizes that this is almost identical to the profile of a transistor. The Sun is an electrical phenomenon.”

Excerpt From “Beyond Newton”, Koinonia House Inc.

When I began the recent “puzzle building” process that I was shown in recent dreams, I began looking into what is said regarding the operation of our sun and solar system. What I found was that there are many evidences that our sun is not at all what we think it is.

We’ve been shown models by NASA scientists that say it is a hot ball of nuclear fusion and that there are various types of stars similar to this including “white dwarfs”, “red giants”, “neutron stars” and other such entities. You can find out more about all those on NASA’s website on the formation of stars (plus many other references).

What I found out in my own study was that there is very strong reason to believe that the “ball of nuclear fusion” theory is completely incorrect and that instead, the sun operates more like a celestial electric light bulb.

It’s too technical to discuss here so I’ve included a lengthy video at the bottom which explains all this in detail. I recommend checking much more from the YouTube channel where that video comes from here: Thunderbolts Project.

Rather than attempt to get into more highly technical science here (of which I am still learning anyway), let’s take all the above and move to the next source…

Biblical Reference For The Sun

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it:
and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.

Psalms 19:4-6 (KJV)

Not to try and force Bible terms to fit a theory, but when I began studying all this and learned of the electrical universe model, that word above in Psalm 19, “circuit”, stood out in a way other than what I thought it meant in the past.

There are many possible meanings for that word which I have discussed below here, including the one a technology person would be very familiar with regarding electrical circuits. Here’s what the Strong’s Concordance says about that word below…

h8622. תְּקוּפָה ṯeqûp̱â; or תְּקֻפָה tquphah; from 5362; a revolution, i.e. (of the sun) course, (of time) lapse: — circuit, come about, end.
AV (4) – end 2, circuit 1, come about 1; coming round, circuit of time or space, a turning, circuit
A – at the circuit (as adverb)

Strong’s Concordance – “circuit” / see also Blue Letter Bible reference

After looking into that concordance reference, I then wanted to see what the English definitions of “circuit“ might include. As expected, it says a journey that begins and ends in the same place. This can be in the most common form of a physical path taken (for a person or object) as in a race track and it can also be where scientists came up with the term applied to electronics where electrical energy also must begin and end at a common starting point.

Circuit: (Noun)
2 – a circular journey or one beginning and ending at the same place; a round.
9 – Electricity
A – Also called electric circuit. the complete path of an electric current, including the generating apparatus, intervening resistors, or capacitors.
B – any well-defined segment of a complete circuit. – “circuit”

You’ll notice above that I also highlighted the word “tabernacle“ and I will explain that in the section below.

So now we can take all this and move on to our next reference and see something very bizarre that showed up from Enoch’s tour of space by the angel Michael and the strange use of a similar electrical term there…

Book Of Enoch Discussion Of Sun & Stars

The book of Enoch has much to say about the sun, moon and stars. There is an odd term used beginning in chapter 70 that suggests the stars all are put into a uniquely designed / intended place. The term used there is a “receptacle”. When I began looking up the meaning of this word, several examples came up in the dictionary including what we now commonly refer to as an electrical outlet.

When I saw this, my attention piqued because what you see there does fit everything as I just wrote above. What I should state here however is that my chronological order of study did not begin as I have written here in this blog. Instead, it began by first reading the entire book of Enoch, and then doubling back to it after I had noticed all the possible electrical evidence as I’m explaining here (sort of a roundabout process).

This now is just the beginning of what Enoch wrote on a very lengthy discussion of celestial objects…

4. And Michael, one of the archangels, took me by my right hand, raised me up, and brought me out to where was every secret of mercy and secret of righteousness.
5. He showed me all the hidden things of the extremities of heaven, all the receptacles of the stars, and the splendours of all, from whence they went forth before the face of the holy.

Book of Enoch, ch 70

After seeing this use of the term “receptacle”, I then went to look up the possible definitions of this word for all the ways it could be used. Until I had checked into this, I did not know that the first name given for what we now call an “electrical outlet” was in fact a “receptacle” and that that name was first given back during the 1800’s.

Receptacle: (noun)
1 – a container, device, etc., that receives or holds something: a receptacle for trash.
3 – Electricity. a contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of a portable lamp, appliance, or other electric device by means of a plug and flexible cord. – “receptacle”
Electrical outlet, originally known as a “receptacle”

According to the above definition of a receptacle, as a place specifically designed for something to be put, go back to the reference from Psalm 19 and you can see how the word “tabernacle“ fits with this perfectly.

So this now began to add much more apparently solid evidence that God has been in fact giving us clues to the operation of the universe (and the sun) from the beginning of time. Putting these clues together from Psalm 19 and this reference from Enoch, all starts to make a much stronger case for discerning between scientific theories.

Note: References from the Book of Enoch came from the app available at this link: Apple App Store.

Electric Universe Explanation By Wallace Thornhill

Now for the final source I’d like to present. This below is just one of many videos I watched from several YouTube channels regarding what’s called the “Electric Universe” model. Although rather lengthy, this video is just one of many of its kind that I watched in my latest study.

Again, as I stated in my recent video, God had already showed me in advance that I was (during this exact timeframe in the last several weeks) about to find the next set of clues I needed for the upcoming energy technology invention(s) and that videos such as this contained the information I needed.

In other words, God was validating that THIS information in these videos is very much pointing to THE correct scientific theory for how the universe operates. I know this to be true because it is exactly the pattern that God has already used many times in the last 5+ years when He wanted to show me various hints and clues about the invention. If you look back at all the blogs I’ve written on my “science dreams” series, you’ll see this exact pattern repeat many times.

Here now is my final reference for today…

Last but not least… as stated above, the catalyst for my research into the book of Enoch is the video series by David E. Taylor that began at least two months prior to the writing of this blog. This link below is a compiled playlist in my own YouTube channel of all videos in this series (still ongoing as of today). Until this study series began, I did not realize the need to start looking to Enoch‘s writings for my next set of clues.

Enoch Series By David E. Taylor

See JMMI website link for video series…

The Walk With God Like Enoch

Correct Understanding Is Imperative

And now this concludes my update. This blog was necessary because, as I said at the top, some of what I previously believed about the theory of the universe appears now to be in fact wrong. That includes what I wrote regarding the Pleiades stars dream.

When you have the wrong scientific theory, there are many things you cannot do. But when you correct all that, things previously deemed “impossible” suddenly become very much a present reality. That will make MUCH more sense in due time.

For much more on the science and technology aspects of the upcoming energy tech invention, see my other website (below) where I am documenting various aspects of the progress. I have now divided up information between both of these websites and what you find on one, may not be on the other.


Thank you for reading and following my ongoing documentation of this “mega prophecy”!



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