School Dreams (Again!) Study Assignments – Time Significance Clues – Capitol Cities

Well I’m back with yet another school / university dream today and I think I lost count how many I’ve had of these just this year. What I’ll do is show you what my dream was and how it linked to others recently and how a technical design hint was given by the appearance of a WWII airplane and how I figured out what all that meant.

In the midst of all these school dreams, something new popped up a few weeks ago and it just repeated again now. Turns out it was a subtle but very recognizable timing indicator that shows something about the significance of what is going on in all my dreams on the invention topic.

Most of what’s here will be practical insights that you can use yourself and then towards the end, I’m going to include a few technical specific references that I deciphered from this dream and other recent ones. When you see how this dream played out with the interpretation, you’ll get an intriguing insight about how God deliberately chooses somewhat abstract but common symbols to reveal what could be at times a very big academic matter that you might need to know about. Let’s get started…

College Assignment Dream

November 18, 2020 – I’m with college students on a bus and we have a project to do and I see a WWII twin engine airplane (British Dehavilland Mosquito) fly by right in front of me (as if in a vision) but like it’s gliding past me. I’m seeing it directly from the side as it goes towards the left. I realize that I have to figure out something about that airplane. The bus we were on was going through the Washington DC area. I had a thought that I could get the project done by myself back at my place.

Here’s the main symbols from the dream and what I found the meaning to be as I started looking into all this. Most of what I figured out came to me within a couple hours or so.

  • College = advanced higher learning (science / invention study)
  • WWII British airplane = several meanings but primarily a technical design symbol (see more below)
  • Gliding = led by the Holy Spirit (see previous blog on gliders)
  • Side profile = present time indicator (explanation below)
  • Project / Assignment = relates to my invention prophecy
  • Washington DC = capital city, kingdom / national / my kingship area (see below)
  • Bus = the information from this dream is taking me to my invention destination

Ok, same as with several previous blogs, those above are the basic short version of the meaning of each symbol. Now I’m going to explain a few of them in more detail…

Timing Significance Clue

This was one of the more intriguing things I’ve learned in the last several weeks because what showed up in this dream had already happened twice before in other dreams / visions. Go back up to the dream again and you’ll see it is a very subtle clue that you could easily miss. What I saw was an airplane that appeared from the exact side angle profile. Based on a vision I had several weeks ago, I understood this to mean that seeing the airplane from this angle was actually a timing significance reference for me. How?! Good question, here’s the answer…

On September 8 (this year) I had a dream of nothing more than an up close view of a light on the left wing of an airplane (same exact side profile view as dream above). The light on this wing was designed so it was only visible from the front and partially from the side but not at all from the back. In a Biblical interpretation, light means knowledge or understanding so we know the main point of this image was about something being revealed or “coming to light”.

I have heard of you, that the Spirit of God is in you, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in you.

Daniel 5:14 (NKJV)

The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.

Psalms 119:130 (NKJV)

Next, by considering the partially visible design logically, I understood it to mean that something was unknown to me and everyone else in the past but right now it is becoming increasingly made known. It might help to realize that this dream was only 3 days after a huge public validation was given to me about my invention prophecy (see submarine model blog where I discussed that).

I’ll skip some of the details but I also had a dream on September 26 of a new V-shaped airline jet design that flew right overhead, first from behind me and then directly overhead in a steep left bank. At first I did not understand what the steep left bank meant until my dream that I’m discussing today but you see now it fits the pattern of a direct side profile view which again is a time significance reference emphasizing “right now”.

In this case, at the exact time of this dream, I was beginning to learn about the electric / plasma universe model which I wrote about in two recent blogs where I told of a dream that validated it plus Biblical insights. So the side profile was God’s way of telling me I’m about to see something “new” (V-shape jet) and it is about to appear right now.

Capitol City

Back to our main topic, the WWII airplane dream… this is actually the second dream now where the setting was in the Washington DC area. The September 26 V-shape jet dream and this WWII airplane dream both were in this general location setting. So what does that mean? Washington DC is of course the capitol of the USA. It’s sort of an odd geographic location because it is a city but it is not a state, nor is it part of the surrounding states. I guess we could say it is roughly the same as the Vatican in that yes it is in Italy but it is its own sovereign location to some degree.

In my dream (and because I live in the USA), Washington DC represents the nation’s capitol city where the center of our government is. In Biblical symbology, this refers to where a king sits with all his top governing officials. So in this dream, it refers to my realm of kingship that God has appointed me to (as a technology “king”). This idea of how God intends for you to be a certain type of king is found in all the JMMI kingdom materials which I’ve referred to many times on this website and also posted links to on my store page.

Aside from the meaning of DC as my kingship realm, this city reference can also be literally about an upcoming connection with the government in Washington DC when my invention fully comes into reality. Because of the size of it and the fact my calling is global technology, it’s fairly easy to see I’ll probably be having literal connections in DC in due time.

Airplane Design Metaphor

And now we get to the most important piece of this latest dream. Remember this was a college assignment scenario with a research project for something like an engineering class. In the dream, I had the thought this was a British DeHavilland Mosquito. Not that I’m very familiar with that type airplane but I knew immediately that’s what it was. So… I started looking for some basic information about it and found one very good and lengthy article which I’ve quoted below from History Net. And as I read that article, a few rather interesting details popped out.

DeHavilland Mosquito, image source: History Net

First, the DH Mosquito had multirole versatility and could perform several types of missions and was very successful primarily as a bomber. Its design was unusually innovative and somewhat of a paradox for combat aircraft because it was made mostly from wood. As a result, it was initially scoffed at. Just from that so far, I wasn’t sure whether this was the message of my dream (as a descriptive of my upcoming invention) or if there was something else I needed to know. So, I kept reading and then I found it.

The main point of this aircraft as a symbol in my dream was in fact about its design but not anything you’d gather from just a superficial glance. Interestingly, the detail God was emphasizing to me here was of the same exact variety that I pointed out in my Biblical clues to scientific validation blog. How? Go back and read that because right in that article I point out why when we are reading the Bible in a superficial manner, we miss most of what God is saying. And here was the big main point of the dream…

The construction of this airplane was of wood. Yep. Ok, great. So what?! Question: what is wood and what is it a type of in terms of materials science? I bet you didn’t know this (and I did not either) but wood is a natural composite material. How? Glad you asked – keep reading because it just so happens this same theme popped up in a vision I had a week before!

On November 11, I had a sudden flash vision in my mind during the daytime while I was awake of an aircraft shell made in the same way as a Cirrus Aircraft (see video below). I saw only the outer shell sitting outside on a ramp at an airport with other airplanes nearby. The emphasis was on the empty structure of the airplane and the fact it was made of composite materials.

Not to overly complicate this article here but on the same night as my DH Mosquito dream, I also had another dream on a totally different topic but included was an odd image of a biting fly. Intriguingly, as I kept reading that long History Net article on the Mosquito airplane, it just so happens that the nickname of this airplane when it was used in Africa during WWII was the… “tsetse” (a biting fly).

And now we see this repeated but abstract metaphor in two dreams on the same night underscores the significance that I needed to know that God was in fact pointing to this airplane for it’s technical design clues regarding composite materials. Well, how do you like that… a major science lesson all from dreams like these!

So with that, here is a brief explanation of composites as it relates to these dreams in the context of this upcoming invention (we’ll find out soon enough how this all fits together with energy technology)…

Composite Materials

In reading the History Net article I’ve quoted below, it says that wood is a natural form of composite material because of the cellular structure. I won’t go into details here about that but you can find out more by reading this: 19 Types of Composite Material.

Wood is a composite, just as are the carbon/graphite-fiber materi­als used to make much of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and wood has the same qualities of strength, suppleness and light weight. Both wood and modern composites consist of tiny fibers suspended in a cellulose or polymer carrier—ingredients that by themselves have little strength but when combined create an extremely strong matrix.

The Miraculous Mosquito – History Net

So now you see again how my college research project dream with the DeHavilland aircraft was a message for me to do a little research on a science and tech matter at the level of what you might learn literally in a college setting. And now you see how a dream with very common symbols can potentially have a meaning much bigger than what it appears on the surface. And this is again why I say you should not ignore your dreams, and if you don’t get very many of them, you should do what I did many years ago and ask God to give them to you.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 (NKJV)

Now in conclusion, here are a couple videos I referred to above on composite materials and how you can see them being used in aircraft construction. The second video has the jet I was shown in a dream a couple months ago with a pretty clear hint that I’ll be owning it soon (but not with what my bank account has today).

Carbon fiber composites:

Cirrus Aircraft made of composites:

For more info on my upcoming technology invention from more of a science & tech perspective, see my other website here…


Thank you for reading! Remember to check out my store page for more information on the topics found in this blog including my own two ebooks about how God speaks to us in dreams and will even show you clues to your life calling and purpose in those nighttime parables.



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  1. Thanks again, a fascinating insight. It highlights to me how vital it is to have an ongoing conversation with God about our dreams. Biblically speaking, I would have assumed wood meant humanity, but because of your history with God on this topic you were able to grasp the technical side of what He was showing you. I look forward to seeing how this develops!

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