Prophetic Parallels In Global Leadership – Two Breakers Called By God For This Time

In the last few years, I’ve learned how to pick up on parallels between natural and spiritual issues. This is something I wrote about in the past, usually involving how to relate technology to spiritual things. But today, I’m explaining something of a very different kind – a parallel between two global leaders, one spiritual and the other political.

To me, it seems a bit odd that no one else picked up on this as I did a couple years ago. But I think when you see what I‘ve noticed here, the light should now go on for those of you who have strangely missed this extremely obvious matter of God’s timing and strategy.

DISCLAIMER: this blog was very difficult to write because of the complex issues and because of the potential for it to be misunderstood especially as it relates to a comparison, such that can be made between the two men at the basic level only. I have gone to great lengths to make sure this is honorably communicated.

Distinctions & Honor: A Biblical Mandate

Let me set a couple things straight right from the start here (just in case). In the below explanation of parallels, I am no way equalizing the two men. One of the big sins in American culture, and church culture especially, is the sin of trying to equalize everyone and make it look like we are all the same. This is a completely false and dishonoring attitude that pervades the American culture including the church which is steeped in over-independence and rebellion.

The two men I am describing below are not equal at all but I very much support and honor both according to their respective positions. The man with the spiritual position has a much, much higher rank than the one in the political position.

This is an all too common error I’ve seen constantly showing up in social media where so-called “Christians” think that the man with the political position has the highest status. With everything I’ve learned the last few years about God‘s kingdom, I seriously do not understand how anyone could even make such a ridiculous assumption.

In case we all forgot, God has a kingdom. A kingdom is a governmental structure. Jesus preached only on kingdom and it is only recorded twice in the four Gospels that He used the word “church”. A kingdom has rank, authority, status, people chosen in various positions, and… (yes) a bunch of people down at the bottom.

Just as God chose Moses as the highest ranking person, and then later Peter, He does the same today as well. Any failure to acknowledge rank in God’s system is rooted in pride, anarchy and rebellion – just like Lucifer!

But for those who have never been in the military (I have), you probably never heard any of this in the context of God and His system. Well, unfortunately I never did either outside of the military setting. It was only in the last five years that I first heard the word “honor” in a Christian setting and the significance of it in God’s kingdom system. And I realized I had a lot to learn!!

You can see all of my blogs on the kingdom topic at this link: Kingdom category.

There is much more to say in my introduction but some of that I have already covered in the past and will not repeat it again now. Therefore, I am getting straight to the matter – the prophetic parallels between the two highest ranking people on the planet right now, one political and the other spiritual.

President Donald J. Trump

Image source: White House

It’s been said, and I believe well known by now, that President Donald Trump is the “wrecking ball” in the political arena. His personality is unlike that of any former political leader, whether at the presidential or at any other level in the American government. He has been spoken of in many prophecies especially by Prophet Kim Clement with patterns and parallels to King Cyrus (Isaiah 45).

Prophetic fact: The name Donald means ”ruler over everything”, or ”rules over the world.”

Many conservatives and Christians do not understand why God would call such a person with President Trump’s character traits to the highest position in the nation. The answer is very simple!

The American government has for many decades increasingly become filled with corrupt career politicians who have no regard for the people but only in grabbing ahold of and maintaining their political power. Not only that, but corporations have likewise become filled with CEOs that promote everything the Bible calls evil and have worked to censor Christians and anyone who does not support their wicked antichrist globalist political views. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and all mainstream fake news media, just to name a few.

None of our past “Christian” presidents accomplished even a fraction of what President Trump has in favor of Christians and the country overall. Just a few of many…

  • Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Supporting the church and Christians and actively aligning with many reputable leaders.
  • Appointing Christian / conservative judges to the Supreme Court.
  • Standing for pro-life and against child sacrifice (and sex trafficking).
  • Rearranging tax and other laws, etc in favor of American corporations.
  • Turning the tables on foreign corruption and interference in politics and business and canceling treasonous agreements with known enemies (Iran, etc).
  • Strategizing a behind the scenes war against treasonous deep state entrenched politicians who aligned themselves with Antichrist globalists like Soros and others.

And the list goes on!! I am not a political specialist so you can easily find much more than just this extremely brief starter list.

The point here is that because of the decades of corruption and entrenchment in politics and business, a mild mannered dainty weak politician has no possibility of success in correcting the many serious problems in the USA. All this evil is here because satan is extremely aggressive and has been at war with the USA to destroy it. You do not fight a war by being nice – that is completely ridiculous!

Because of President Trump’s bold, assertive and rough demeanor, he has been attacked by many who should have been on his side. The fact so many conservatives and “Christians” and those in the Republican Party attacked him only goes to validate the above comments about entrenched corruption.

Dreams Of A Meeting

Intriguingly, I have had several dreams about President Trump including one at the beginning of 2020 where I was standing right next to him, hugging him and smiling, telling him how happy I was that he is president. This dream was very vivid, almost like reality and at the time, I knew it meant I might actually meet him and that it would most likely happen after a 2020 re-election.

The probable reason for this meeting would be because of my upcoming energy technology invention. Based on the slow progress on my invention timeline, I knew this could not possibly happen during 2020 so it seemed an obvious indicator of re-election.

The Paradox Of Rank

Although the status of the President of the United States is globally very high, President Trump does NOT have the highest rank of the two men here as I’ve already stated above. When I use the term rank here, I am speaking from two separate perspectives, political and spiritual.

Political position, social status or business leadership or even leadership over a very large church has NO bearing on the rank of a person in God’s kingdom. Rank in God’s kingdom is determined primarily the closeness of relationship with God and Jesus and most of the time, those who are the closest are in fact rejected by the world and by many in the church.

Questions & Complaints About “Character”

There has been an astonishingly hypocritical complaint made by Christians and others about President Trump. It goes without saying that one of the top complaints against him is that he is rather brutish and coarse or that there may have been some “other issues” in the past. So let’s talk about that…

What most church people fail to realize is that God does not judge a person on the basis of “holiness” or “(self-)righteousness”. If that were true, none of the major Biblical characters would have a good report. That includes…

  • Moses who murdered an Egyptian and then later was divorced.
  • King David who committed adultery and then murder to cover that sin.
  • Elijah and Elisha had a habit of killing people who made them angry or threatened them (which was not necessarily wrong under the circumstances).
  • Peter attempted to murder a man who came to arrest Jesus and had a mouth like a sailor.

The American church has become a den of self-righteous Pharisees who bicker and argue about the most insignificant and minor transgressions including those that President Trump may have committed in his previous years. Most people who judge him on these standards have failed to look in the mirror and remember their own past sins or to properly discern their own level of spiritual Luciferean pride.

And having said that, now it’s time we move on to the next man…

Apostle / General David E. Taylor

Image source: JMMI

Apostle David E. Taylor is known as the “5-star General” in the spiritual realm and leader of Joshua Media Ministries International. Those still unfamiliar with Apostle Taylor can go to my page where I confront the false attacks made against him here: Validating JMMI.

Apostle Taylor is in some ways at the basic level very similar to President Trump. First, he is the top global (spiritual) authority with a very similar “wrecking ball” personality. His calling has much to do with shaking and overthrowing the entrenched religious system of churches that are totally out of order with God and filled with white supremacist anti-authority church leaders.

One of Apostle Taylor’s top missions is to spread the message of face to face appearances of Jesus with the world. When you hear his teaching based on over a thousand face to face appearances, it quickly reveals out of order and screwed up the modern day church has become.

Prophetic fact: The meaning of the name David is “dearly loved one” or “beloved”, and the obvious Biblical connection with that of King David.

But Apostle Taylor’s calling is also about saving the USA from the nuclear war that has been foretold by several prophets. This partly includes taking down demonic principalities set up over and controlling many arenas in our country including drugs, homosexuality, abortion, sex trafficking, gambling, pharmaceutical / FDA empire, racism and many other strongholds that are all contributing to why God sent warnings that a nuclear war is coming (for which the USA will lose) if we do not repent.

Nuclear War Prophecy: Personal Validation & Experience Plus God’s Required Response To Stop It

Unless the prince and king demons are removed and destroyed in the USA, the direction of the country will not change, no matter who sits in the Oval Office of the White House. President Trump has accomplished many things in the political realm but he has NO ability to destroy demonic principalities.

However, Apostle Taylor DOES have that rank and ability and he has been doing it. Just as President Trump has needed a very strong personality in dealing with entrenchments of political wickedness, Apostle Taylor has needed the same but for much bigger reasons.

Kingdom Warfare: Casting Out Regional Principalities | Video

Apostle Taylor has taken a very bold stance on the authority of God’s word as he was shown in a dream where Jesus showed how disappointed He is with the modern day church with it’s spineless cowardly pastors who refuse to confront anything demonic.

Shockingly, most churches don’t even know what a demonic principality is and the ones that do, do not even believe we are given KINGDOM authority to take them down and kill them. Apostle Taylor teaches extensively on this and refutes all the ridiculous church errors in an extremely comprehensive Kingdom of God book and audio series! (See my store page).

Attacks, False Accusations & Betrayals

Just as with President Trump, because of Apostle Taylor’s bold, assertive and rough demeanor, he has been falsely attacked by many who should have been on his side. The fact so many so-called Christians attack him only goes to validate my above comments about how out of order the American church is and entrenched with childish weak passive religious dead doctrines and corruption.

The American church is extremely out of balance. It knows nothing except “Jesus as a little lamb” and that is partially true but mostly false. Jesus and God do have an austere, blunt, assertive and rough side at times.

One of the top training focuses on in the JMMI staff is getting delivered from offense. I did not realize how pervasive this flaw was in most people until I got connected with JMMI. There are reasons why we go through this kind of training.

Proven pattern: those who attack Apostle Taylor always fall into these categories: black-hating racists, pharisees, fag’ts, pedophiles and Judases.

If you are easily offended, believe me, you are going to be tested and that flaw will be exposed. There are very good reasons for this which I cannot elaborate on in this blog but to say that those who are easily offended are betrayers like Judas.

Key fact: The modern day church is exactly as Jesus described…

Therefore the wisdom of God also said, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of them they will kill and persecute,

Luke 11:49 (NKJV)

Called To Raise Up A Fully Mature Joel 2 Army

One reason for some of the austere training at JMMI is because we are expected to develop into the highest levels of maturity so that we can do things not seen on earth since the time of Jesus. This is such a huge topic and I have already covered some of that in my blogs on sonship.

Intro to SONSHIP: Regaining Our First Estate | Characteristics & Modern-Day Illustrations.

However, with such passive, least resistance, AWOL leadership in American churches nationwide, the only way to get an army of believers to rise up and take up their own calling as kings in God’s kingdom is by a man with Apostle Taylor’s General Patton-like personality. How the parallels between President Trump and Apostle Taylor have been missed by many so-called ”Christians“ only shows how spiritually blind they are.

Prophetic fact: Both President Trump and Apostle Taylor have almost the same initials – DJT and DET.

Validating Dreams

I’ve had many dreams about Apostle Taylor in the 5+ years that I’ve been connected with JMMI. In fact, I’ve had so many that they almost equal the number of those I’ve had on my “science dreams” energy technology invention series. All my dreams (and those of many others) validate Apostle Taylor exactly as he is – the top ranking man on planet earth, a modern-day type of Moses and best friend to God and Jesus.

The Outsider Paradox

The rank of Apostle Taylor is the highest of anyone spiritually on earth because of the closeness of his connection to Jesus and God. This has been validated in dreams by many people countless times. He was chosen for his position based on criteria that no one else on earth met and he has proof of God working with him that no other preacher has. The level of teaching that Apostle Taylor has in many books, videos, audio messages is far above that of any other preacher.

Prophetic fact: Both President Trump and Apostle Taylor are “outsiders” in a sense in their realms.

Just as President Trump is not a career politician but a businessman, Apostle Taylor is also not part of the “in crowd” with many popular American church leaders. It is very commonly known that outsiders are usually the ones that bring change and innovation in a realm that is full of entrenchment and inertia and group think (in the same way that Elon Musk has brought significant change to the automotive and space launch industries).

Summary Of Key Points

Because this was long and there’s a chance of missing the main points here, this is a very brief summary of the above. President Donald J. Trump and Apostle / General David E. Taylor have this in common…

  • Both men have very similar personality traits in terms of being very bold, fearless, assertive, no-nonsense, bottom line, but also a very personable side when you get to know them.
  • Both men are called to confront corruption and shake the entrenched system in their arenas.
  • Both men’s characteristics serve as test to all by exposing attitudes of offense and self righteousness.
  • Both men are outsiders to their realms and have brought change that no insiders could or ever did.
  • Both men are under constant attack and falsely accused by many enemies and traitors who have aggressive wicked agendas.
  • With all the similarities between both men, how anyone can be a Trump supporter but have a “problem” with Apostle Taylor is completely asinine and hypocritical.



PS: Under NO circumstances will I tolerate anyone speaking against Apostle David E. Taylor in my presence (ask my former friends about that!)

Image source: JMMI



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