Recalibration Time: Kingdom vs Church Response To American Political Events

This is a follow up to a blog from one year ago where I had a series of dreams showing that the American response to politics has been basically all of the flesh and not of God. Personally, at the time, I did not totally understand the full message of the dream in terms of the proper response but, I at least knew something was wrong with how many of us were approaching politics.

So today, it’s finally time to update all this based on what the right vs wrong response is and how many of us have had it completely wrong but thinking we are right.

Personal Journey & Common Error

Just being honest, my initial approach to politics in the last few years was to follow it from a distance but then recently with the avoidable election disaster, I jumped in thinking it was the time to get off the sidelines. Then, after doing that, I started to feel like “ok we’re accomplishing something here” because of watching all the videos of the prophets and commentators telling us what they believe is happening.

I’m sure you know this but there are tons of prophets or prophetic people all speaking about what to expect regarding the election outcome. Some are saying to watch for something big in December and at least one is saying the final resolution will not come until March 2021. And the only reason I know this is because, as I say, I felt the need to jump in because I thought it was accomplishing something.

At least that’s what I thought for a few weeks…

Kingdom Of Man Or Kingdom Of God?!

In the midst of all that has transpired since November 5, I was having a hard time resolving the question of whether or not all of what I jumped into was exactly what my dreams last year showed in terms of handling all this the wrong way. So finally just a week ago, I got my answer and it settled the matter in a very different way than I had expected.

We can summarize everything in this blog simply by saying there is a huge difference between the kingdom of man vs the kingdom of God. When we understand the difference, we then can see how the matters of the kingdom of man can be used by God regardless of whether there is a wicked or a good person in various political positions.

Just telling it straight, this is something I initially had a major problem in getting adjusted to (partly why I kept a distance from all this until recently). But after hearing the video posted below here, it didn’t take very long for me to recalibrate my whole perspective and approach to the ongoing political events particularly the outcome of the 2020 elections.

Short Sighted Social Media Wars

But, some of us including myself for a short time have gotten all caught up in the social media war over the elections. This is exactly part of the reason I had the dreams last year showing how the Christian political forums are all operating primarily in the flesh because they are all concerned with the short sighted kingdom of man and not the kingdom of God.

Check out the dreams I wrote about in last years’ blog…

Prophetic Dreams: Characterization of Church Response in Political Forums

In spite of all the deep rooted worldly mindsets and ineffective methods that I also defaulted to, I really thought it would be harder for me to change my mind about all this! But no, it only took a few minutes once all this was explained as you’ll see below.

In fact, to prove my point about a rapid mindset shift, I said this on social media and I’m saying it again here… if the wrong person gets into the White House but it accomplishes God‘s purpose, then so be it. [Comment: I get it, that makes no sense in the context of current events and background info, and not exactly a desired outcome].

Current Administration Blocking God’s Solution

Right now, all the big-name primarily white Caucasian church leaders that surround President Trump have all rejected God‘s required solution through the only man who has it… Apostle David E. Taylor. Therefore, if the election results do not go as we have been hoping, it will have a lot to do with the rejection of Apostle Taylor by these people.

Not only that, but we will continue to be firmly established on the road to nuclear destruction as explained by the Prophecy to America warning. I’ve said repeatedly on social media that the events taking place in our nation and the world are MUCH different than what everyone is saying!

If you really knew what’s actually going on right now, hearing what all the popular prophetic people and Christian commentators are saying would make you wonder if you’re living in a parallel universe. Yes, they really are that badly wrong about everything!!

Nuclear War Prophecy: Personal Validation & Experience Plus God’s Required Response To Stop It

Key fact: One of President Trump’s top spiritual advisers, Paula White, was invited to speak at the JMMI Mega Conference in Taylor, Michigan, August 2018. After she spoke at that event, she went back to DC and refused to introduce Apostle Taylor to President Trump. This is just one example of the level of dishonor shown towards Apostle Taylor by these arrogant white racist church leaders.

The Solution Is Not Politics!!

Here’s what we all need to get the clue about right now…. God is not concerned about what happens in the short term and whether or not we like the outcomes. Long-term, He is much more concerned about whether or not 340 million Americans will die in a nuclear attack by Russia and China followed by the entire world going straight into World War III.

The solution to America and stopping the Russian / Chinese nuclear war is NOT politics – it is Face to Face!! And only one ministry has this – JMMI!! The whole plan for the JMMI arena campaign which now begins July 2021 is to spread this message of face to face and stop the coming war.

Apostle David E Taylor | JMMI – Joshua Media Ministries, Intl. Face to Face Appearances

If you’re not on board with JMMI, but you’re instead following all these white Caucasian church prophets that have no understanding of what’s really taking place here, then you are not part of God’s required solution – nothing is going to change because the problems God requires to be addressed are being ignored!!

Just because all these people are popular does not make them right. It was said decades ago by at least three major white church leaders including Oral Roberts that the kingdom of God was going to be shifted to the black culture and we have that prophecy fulfilled with David E. Taylor.

Results Alone Are Proof!!

If all you did was compare the teaching by Apostle Taylor with all these popular church leaders, that answer would be immediately obvious. All the popular teachers and pastors have nothing but the same outdated stale overused repeated messages that are technically wrong and have not changed in decades. (Wilderness church anyone??)

  • They all talk about the kingdom of God and have no idea what it actually is.
  • They all say the glory of God coming but they don’t even know how to get it.
  • They all repeat the same error about the Holy Spirit being poured out (again) when it is in fact a God (Jehovah) outpouring that is coming.

Important point: Despite my comments about the popular church leaders, I am not against them at all. But because of how out of order they are, and refusing to acknowledge Apostle Taylor, they have put themselves in the position of earning these negative and true comments.

Another Exposure Is Coming

Not to mention, all of them are going to be caught with their pants down when a certain global technology prophecy I keep talking about here comes into reality. Why? Because it’s going to show clearly that this prophecy came from Apostle Taylor and not any of them.

They will at that time be forced to acknowledge him and there will be nothing they can do to avoid it. And then what is everyone going to say when it’s finally exposed that all these white leaders knew Apostle Taylor all along and they deliberately refused to acknowledge him?! It’s going to be very ugly and embarrassing for them.

If you don’t know what this is that I’m referring to start with the link here… Mega Prophecy.

Urgent Call To America

In the event that you did not watch this same video that I posted in my last blog about the parallels between President Trump and Apostle Taylor, you need to watch it now because it explains everything way beyond what I just said in today’s blog and gives the required solution. A few of many topics include…

  • Russian/Chinese nuclear war plans
  • Confirmed Chinese troops now in Canada / plans to overtake US
  • Anti-black racism in the US
  • The real purpose of the COVID-19 virus
  • The outcome of the US elections
  • Why all the prophets might be wrong
  • Elaboration on kingdom of men vs Kingdom of God
  • Plus much more…

Your Action Is Required!!

This is now your chance to get off the popular but wrong bandwagon of the kingdom of man and make the same transition I did to getting on the right side with the solution. Go back and read my blog from last year to see what God showed me about all these political forums operating in the flesh and not accomplishing anything in the Kingdom of God.

The sooner we fix this, the faster all these political disasters are going to be solved long term. But the longer things continue as they are, we can all expect much worse to happen.

If you’re new to all this, check my page: Validating JMMI.

Final comment… If you’re perceptive enough, you can take everything I’ve said here and find ways to apply this in many other situations, including in your personal life where God may do things that are opposite to what you think is “right“ but He works to achieve a much greater plan He has for you. Since going through this transformation myself, I have already begun seeing exactly that!!



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