Now We Know… Global Reasons For Technology Delays | New Video Platform Intro

This is an update to my energy technology invention series of blogs. If you’ve been following current events, you should be aware by now about what’s been going on behind the scenes, not just in the United States, but globally. For the last several years, I have said repeatedly that the invention(s) God has been showing me in dreams is on a global timeline.

What many of us probably did not know was that there were factors in place globally that were preventing this kind of technology from coming out into mainstream use. And now, we know that there is another reason perhaps why God has allowed this delay to drag on.

New Video Platform Experiment

Probably you know by now that I am not really a big video producer here. I’m more of a writer than a speaker. But, for the sake of getting an update out in video form, I’ve chosen to experiment with a different video platform since some of what I’m saying here could be shut down by the social media dictators (but not for much longer…)

For newcomers to my website from the alternate video platform(s), make sure you go back and read all my blogs in the technology category here on this website or just start by going to this page Mega Prophecy, where I tell my story of how God has been showing me in dreams at night about the new global energy technology breakthrough coming, hopefully soon.

Video Links

1- First is my Rumble video link…

2- Next, I’ve had serious problems uploading to Bit Chute due to unacceptably low upload speeds (basically like dial up) so in the event I can get it loaded (and processed), that will be included here. For now this is my Bit Chute profile link.

3- Last, my normal YouTube link… (if they leave it alone)



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