Science & Technology Research Assignments Revealed In Dreams

This is a follow up to my experiment with posting my videos and blogs on new social media platforms including CloutHub, Bit Chute, Rumble, etc. Some of what’s in today’s video you may have heard before if you’ve been following me a while, but some you may not have. As you can see, I’m beginning to merge both my websites and showing more overtly the connection between both now.

In this video, I’m explaining how God has been showing me what to study all this past year during the shutdowns and how God will reveal to you what your purpose is here in this life through dreams. Rather than give a lengthy introduction to this video, I’ll just post the links and you can check it out on any of the platforms I’m able to upload this to. I will include all links below to those including Bit Chute which has been extremely problematic lately in uploading and processing videos.

Video Links


Bit Chute…(if it ever works) / see also my BC channel.


New To The Store!!

Check out my other website for my store page for products referenced in today’s video along with a few science and tech updates…




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