Survey Responses February 2021

Thank you to all who answered my last survey about what I can do during times when I have to shut down my dreams submission contact page.  The answers were VERY helpful to me in deciding what I can and should do next to help you all out. If you have not taken that survey yet, it is still available at the top of my website home page and also on my Dreams & Prophetic contact page for a limited time.

I wanted to get back with all of you who got in right away and answered my questions. And in doing that, I decided the best way is to reply by video. In this video, I’ll show you the percentages of those who answered the first 5 questions in various ways and I’m then going into a discussion that answers many of the top requests and suggestions you all made. 

The video is fairly comprehensive so please take the time to watch and especially because I’m giving you my initial plan for how to implement your requests and what you can expect next… 

In an effort to get more direct interaction with as many of you as possible, I am planning to increase the number of emails and videos I send out and add a few more short surveys as necessary along with any replies to future requests that you may have. If you have not already, please use the link below to sign up on my mass email list where you will get updates regarding products, videos, events and anything that falls outside the normal category of what I post in blogs.



Send requests for dream interpretation using the contact form at this page:

Sign up for my email updates and connect with me on all forms of social media.

The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose


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