High Altitude Science Dreams: How God Confirmed A Strange Activity & A Cure For The Matrix

Here are a few science dreams I’ve had since December 2020 with information on science and technology matters that you might want to know about. There are four total dreams discussed in this video and include references to HAARP, chem trails, nano / smart dust, and finally a reference to how metals behave differently in space than they do here on earth. In addition to my video update today, I have included links to all the supporting information I referred to in articles and other videos which I recommend checking out.

UPDATE! December, 2021 – Strong evidence suggests that HAARP is no longer in operation in the USA because it was taken out by those fighting the Deep State. When you look in the sky now, you rarely ever see jet contrails that go for many miles and expand to fill the sky as they used to for the last several decades. However, the chemical and heavy metals poisoning is still very much in existence, including now by the false “vaccines” that the Deep State is pushing for the purpose of making you an AI mind control slave (see nano dust video below). All this was confirmed in dreams earlier this year!!

Chem Trails – Smart / Nano Dust Poisoning – Cures

As you’ll see, God confirmed to me the reality of the existence of deliberate toxic poisoning by chem trails and what you can do to get something like a cure from the effects of this. God specifically showed me in dreams that I needed to look into iodine supplements and Borax which are both able to clean out the body from these elements. If all this sounds like wacko stuff, no problem, it was only a short time ago that I did not pay any attention to this either. But, when I saw what God was showing me in these dreams, I understood the need to take prompt action and get educated about this very strange topic.


Although not directly related to the chem trails topic, I discuss another dream that confirmed a video where David Adair spoke about how metals behave in space. I was not able to find that video on YouTube (yet) but a different video interview is in the list below here. I included the discussion of this dream primarily to show how God will validate science and technology matters in symbolic dreams and how you can learn to interpret these as I have been doing for the last decade.

Today’s Video Update

Most of the information in this blog is found in the discussion in my video plus the links and videos I’ve posted below here.

This is today’s video on my YouTube channel…

This is the same video again on my Rumble channel…

I managed to get this uploaded to Bit Chute also – click this link for my Bit Chute channel.

Relevant Supporting Information

Here are some links where you can find out more about what I was referring to in my video…

This is the video explanation on Borax / HAARP / chem trails / smart dust – you definitely need to hear what Dana has to say, this is what God was linking to my “laundry detergent” dream…

This is what happens when smart dust / nano particles gets into you from all these sources especially when it is sprayed into the air…

This is the video of Chuck Yeager’s high altitude flight in the F-104 with rocket assist…

Here’s the 1999 movie trailer for The Matrix that has some connections with the idea behind how nano / smart dust acts when it gets inside of a person…



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  1. There’s so many different things to study in this article. I was drawn to it for hours. Im glad to hear about the detox of heavy metals. I’ve been removing all mercury and flouride from my diet recently. This is shocking about the chem trails! I’m still going through the post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!! I was surprised to hear fluoride blocks the pineal gland which we know Apostle talks about in the protons teaching. It’s no surprise that some of us have had such a hard time being stuck in one side of our brain or in getting things to work as it should. I wasn’t going to pay too much attention to any of this until I realized what God was showing me in those dreams recently. Was very unexpected!!


  2. […] Many times when I interpret dreams by email through this website, I often advise people that when you are not able to find the meaning of a symbol in a Bible-based dream dictionary, you must do as I said above by doing your own research. Look up the basic characteristics of the symbol and take note of anything that stands out to you. This is how I discovered the meaning of my dream last year involving a WWII British DeHavilland Mosquito fighter/bomber and another one with a squadron of F-104 fighters. […]


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