Global Updates – Marvel Video Series – Dreams Assignment Change

There are many huge changes coming to the world as it relates to politics and the financial system. In today’s video, I’m explaining some of that from a general overview perspective and why you need to very quickly get up to speed on all this. I’m also giving an update on my new Marvel Dream Revelation series and where you can access the videos that are already posted (with more to come). This is not a long video but has information you need to act on right now due to the speed and suddenness of the global changes coming. God has confirmed to me in many dreams the validity of the fact huge changes are coming and that we are about to have a shocking eye opening experience very soon.

Relevant Links

My Telegram Channel: Make The Jump

New Global Financial System: NESARA / GESARA law

Video Update

Here’s my video update where I’m giving an overview of the upcoming global changes to be aware of, my telegram channel where I’m posting all this information and my change in assignment that ends my one-on-one dream interpretation. See also my Rumble and Bit Chute video channels for this same video once it’s uploaded to all.

Rumble chrismichals

Bit Chute ChrisMichals

I inserted this screen recording below in my video update but it’s a little hard to see there. Here it is again…

Marvel Dream Revelations Video Series

My new Marvel Dream Revelations video series is 70% complete and all videos (about 10 so far) are uploaded to my new SubscribeStar account. Pay attention to the Phase tier descriptions before you join! Click the images below or the link above here to access these new videos. Several more videos will be added until the series is complete.

Additional Science & Tech Updates

Reminder that I have a second website where I’m occasionally posting relevant science and tech information as it relates to my “Mega Prophecy“.




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