Private Group Forum – Dream Interpretation (Request From February 2021 Survey)

After considerable wrestling on this decision, I have come to a decision that reverses what I said in my last post here. I have now set up a new private group forum where you can submit questions on dreams and I will answer in a group format or here in a public video / blog. My goal is to answer questions in such a way that they help as many people as possible.

I am still not able to handle one-on-one dream interpretation by email as I have in the past but this is my new solution, which some of you requested in the February 2021 survey. See my new video where I’m explaining this decision and how my new forum will work.

New Forum Is Now Located…

You can find my new forum on my SubscribeStar profile – look for the tier where this is currently located.

Video Update

Please hear what went into this decision and how I plan to operate this forum. This will be an experiment to see how / if this works out.



Send requests for dream interpretation using the contact form at this page: Dreams & Prophetic.

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