Earth & “Aliens”: Practical Example For Discerning Truth (Excerpt From Marvel Dream Series)

This is a rare occasion when I’m posting a video from my Marvel Dream Revelations series openly but only because it addresses a topic that has come up here many times in the past in my blogs and videos. I went through a process of having to sort out very confusing and contradictory information on a couple topics and in the midst of that, I again had the chance to exercise a process of how to discern truth in the midst of great confusion.

Two Space-Related Examples…

For the sake of context, the two examples I’m dealing with involve a strange (and maybe a very dumb sounding) space science theory and also the “alien” phenomenon which appears to be on the verge of making the top headlines soon. For sure, in the second example, you may very likely be having to answer the same question I did regarding the origin of the “aliens”. Rather than say where all this is going, I’d rather just let you watch the video and hear my walk through of the situation and you can use that as another piece of the puzzle for your own research.

Again, this video is a rare exception I’ll make with openly posting a video from my Marvel Dream Revelations series. All other videos in this series are found at this time, only in my SubscribeStar page.


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