Life Direction Dreams: Airports – Car Towing – Connections | How To Know If You’re Going The Right Way

Have you ever had a dream that you were going to an airport? What about a dream where your car was towed? A friend sent me a dream of exactly that type a couple weeks ago and after waiting a bit to see how things played out in her life, I came to the understanding what this dream was saying. God is very big on directing us if we are serious in going after His plan for our life. This is one of the biggest themes on my website here – finding God’s purpose and plan for your life, especially in your dreams at night!

In this video, I’m telling my friend’s dream and explaining the real life situation she found herself in. Basically this is the dream – my friend was parking at an airport to catch a flight but if she stayed too long, her car would be towed or fined. In real life, my friend had a conversation with someone who wanted to use his “connections” to get her a career opportunity. I had the feeling I knew what the answer to this conversation was and after talking about the dream with my friend, I came to the understanding what God was trying to tell her about it – what to do and what not to do.

In this video, I’m explaining the whole dream plus many relevant aspects that will have a direct effect on you in some ways. I’ll also be giving a head’s up about an upcoming status change with me in handling dream interpretation requests. Please listen to this and watch for my next updates as I’m explaining here…


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