New Marvel Dream Confirms Correct Understanding Of Gravity | Electric Universe

Well, it happened again! One of my dreams earlier this year contained another validation of an alternate scientific theory that explains how our universe works. This new dream follows a series that began last fall and specifically deals with a subject that has mystified scientists since the beginning of time – gravity.

Today, I have a new video where I explain the dream and how it pointed to an Australian scientist who gave a presentation on gravity at an Electric Universe conference in 2018. In my video, I tell why the correct understanding of gravity is required in order for new energy tech inventions to come into existence.

Energy Tech Dream Series

If you’re not already aware, God gave me an assignment through a series of dreams beginning in 2014 involving space and energy technology. Many of my dreams have shown that what is soon coming to the world will be like what we see in popular movies such as Marvel Avengers, Star Wars, and Back to the Future.

Intriguingly, I am not a physicist, engineer, astronomer, or any type of scientists for that matter. Yes, I have all that in my college degree from the USAF Academy, but that was a long time ago and at no point in my 20 year Air Force career did I have energy tech experience. For someone like me to now be in the midst of this arena is quite astounding.

Electric Universe Model Validated In Dreams

As a brief recap, it was back in September / October 2020 that God used a series of dreams to confirm that the electric / plasma universe model is correct and I’ve since posted several blogs and videos about that (see list below). My dreams specifically highlighted the YouTube channel Thunderbolts Project where Australian scientist Wal Thornhill and many others are frequently explaining various aspects of the electric universe model.

As I began watching many countless videos from the Thunderbolts Project, I was led to the understanding of how our sun (and all stars) operate using a completely different process than what mainstream science tells us. What contributed to my accepting the electric sun model was the demonstration of that theory by a working plasma reactor created by the SAFIRE Project. This was a profound revelation because I’ve already had a series of dreams pointing toward nuclear fusion as one part of a global energy tech breakthrough.

Since then, I realized that my dream of a submarine model just taken out of the box was very much in progress. I was finally getting the proper scientific understanding needed to eventually construct all new energy tech inventions that will change the world.

Video – Dream Validating Electric Gravity Model

The following videos include: 1) my description of the dream and how it points directly to… 2) Wal Thornhill’s explanation of gravity as an electric force.

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