New E-book! Marvel Dream Revelations: The Return of the Ancient Glory Powers of God

Have you noticed one of the most popular themes in movies and TV shows is unusual supernatural abilities? The increase in these themes should come as no surprise, but many Christians do not realize God is using these movies to illustrate a Biblical truth that we were ALL made with the potential to develop these marvel-level miraculous manifestations. In this ebook I have explained in-depth what God showed me about these in my dreams AND the revelations about how to begin developing them right now.

Extensive & Broad Foundation

This ebook is the initial phase of what I intend to be a multi-part series. In this foundational phase I’m beginning with my own learning process about marvelic abilities and which ones God has shown me to have through many dreams. This is fairly extensive and contains content that covers a very broad spectrum of the biggest topics you need in order to reach into the realm of marvels.

Here is a partial list of what I’m discussing in this ebook…

  • What are marvels and where are they in the Bible.
  • The purpose of these abilities and why it is critical to the entire world that we have them in operation.
  • Two categories of marvels – supernatural and technology, along with examples from my dreams.
  • “Truth in plain sight” in movies and TV shows that illustrate marvelic abilities and God’s training program.
  • My experience with the process of developing “marvel faith” and how my dreams changed after I passed key tests proving I had advanced in God’s training.
  • The required process of reaching into this realm and how to be qualified by God to operate in marvels.
  • An in-depth explanation of several of my dreams that show specific abilities and the Biblical basis for them.
  • The revelations I’ve received based on my dreams for how to begin developing these abilities and various keys you can use to get started.
  • A full list of the foundational resources where you can learn more about the basis of marvelic abilities.

Follow The Pattern – Action Required!

If you read my ebook, “The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose”, then you are already familiar with the idea that unless you take deliberate action on what God shows you in your dreams, nothing will manifest in the natural realm. This ebook is very much the same – everything I explain is a pattern and template you can follow yourself. In fact, one of my chapters explains a term I got in a dream that specifically validates why it is part of my assignment to be a real life example of this process for your benefit.

This is my longest ebook so far, and I “hired” a friend who is very skilled as a proofreader in order to make this the best product possible.

(Page count: ~199 EPUB & Kindle, 131 PDF)

Ebook Access

You can get this on EPUB, PDF or Amazon Kindle formats at these links…



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  1. […] The dream below was followed up shortly afterwards on July 3 with one that combined two people into one – Elon Musk and Enoch (from the Old Testament). The message there is what I wrote in that above mentioned Enoch blog regarding how God reveals amazing things to those who, like Enoch, shut in (from the outside world) for extensive lengths of time. I’ve also explained this more in detail in my new Marvel Dream Revelations ebook. […]


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