Energy Tech Invention Dreams Update: Another Huge Marvel Movie Connection – Iron Man 2

It’s been a while since I have written much about my series of dreams that began in 2014 regarding the upcoming global energy tech breakthrough. God does not always have me focusing on this and there are other big aspects of my calling, which will ultimately fit together in ways that have not yet been made clear. Today I want to provide a short update to show some very big clues hidden in a Marvel movie from 2010.

The insights in this blog came to me from a dream I had in June of this year. Truthfully, the only reason I figured this one out was by chatting with a friend who’s also had many dreams with clues to my energy tech invention “Mega Prophecy“. In this blog, I’ll show the 2 relevant movie clips from Iron Man 2, a video of a very recent prophetic update, and my dream with the symbols that point to this movie.

Another Engineering School Dream & An Old Jet Model…

If you read my latest aircraft dreams blog, you may have seen a brief comment near the bottom about this dream. Until now, I did not fully explain the dream or what the primary symbols represented. You may have noticed that in 2020, I had a series of science / technology dreams that took place in settings that included university engineering program offices / classrooms. All those blogs are listed in a 2020 summary I wrote here: Shut In Fast Track To Destiny | Enoch Principles Validated In Dreams.

The dream below was followed up shortly afterwards on July 3 with one that combined two people into one – Elon Musk and Enoch (from the Old Testament). The message there is what I wrote in that above mentioned Enoch blog regarding how God reveals amazing things to those who, like Enoch, shut in (from the outside world) for extensive lengths of time. I’ve also explained this more in detail in my new Marvel Dream Revelations ebook.

As you read the below dream and symbols interpretation, it’s very interesting to note that Elon Musk is briefly featured in Iron Man 2 using his real name and real life references as a technology inventor. That therefore makes two references to that movie and my prophecy since it has a huge space technology component as you’ll see…

Dream – June 30, 2021 – I keep walking into a small room that’s set up as a college (university) engineering program information desk. There’s a girl there who is like the admin person and she says there’s an Air Force Lt Col who teaches and I should just go (to the class) and he’s my age. I see book shelves all around the room and on top of one is a box with a somewhat large, very detailed plastic model of an F-4 Phantom fighter jet. The jet model is green and white and some other colors that are not used on the real jet, a little like bright lego colors.

  • F-4 model = technology reference from the past, putting something together, relates to 2010 year of Iron Man 2 movie release (see Boeing website jet info).
  • Engineering program info = literal science / technology info, repeat theme in my dreams since 2020.
  • Air Force Lt Col = James Rhodes, an AF Lt Col in Marvel movies, he became the primary clue to connecting this dream to the Iron Man 2 Marvel movie.
  • Keep going back = God repeatedly has me going back to the Marvel movies, specifically to Tony Stark as the primary reference to my energy tech invention series of dreams.
  • Green / white = this was less obvious but basically can be symbols that relate to God and Heaven (will see what else pops up later on).
  • Lego colors = building blocks, constructing new technology, new learning about science / technology.
  • Admin girl = the female friend who God has given several dreams and prophetic signs regarding my “Mega Prophecy“, she made the connection to James Rhodes in Iron Man 2 and said I should watch the movie again.

After this dream, I watched Iron Man 2 many times and was a little surprised that I had missed something from all the previous Marvel movies. The Arc Reactor was used in Avengers (2012) to power Tony Stark’s building (as referenced in that movie). What I had missed was that originally, it was a miniature device that he used to power his Iron Man suits. As you will see in the two clips below, this is very profoundly pointed out.

A primary message in the dream seems to be how this new energy technology may have two aspects (1) large scale as well as (2) miniature-sized devices; based on all my studies, I believe this to be very probable.

Timeline Update!

Some of you have been wondering what’s taking this energy tech prophecy so long in coming into reality?! That’s a reasonable question and because I’m in the middle of it all, I’m really the only one who can adequately answer it. Here’s the basic summary…

First, as I pointed out above, there are more pieces to my life calling and purpose than just huge energy tech invention(s). If you have my newest Marvel Dream Revelations ebook or video series, then you already know what I’ve explained about that.

Next, remember that it was many years between the time King David was anointed as king, and the day when he actually sat on the throne. Just because God picks you for a huge calling or assignment does not mean you won’t have to go through a very long process before He’s ready to put you “in the seat”.

There are many other examples all through the Bible that likewise show a similar lengthy process of time before a person got what they were chosen for. Samuel, Moses, Abraham, Joseph and even Jesus all had to fulfill a certain number of years before their day came! The same is true for me.

Additionally, earlier this year, I was given another (very surprising) update where I was told about a regional ministry position I’ll be given at some point in the near future. I can’t elaborate on that yet but suffice it to say, it appears to tie together the technology and supernatural aspects of the calling for which God has chosen me.

Lastly, as I pointed out on this website and my other one (Blue Cube Rocket), there are global reasons why God has not “let this cat out of the bag” yet. I don’t always come out and say things in plain English so if you feel like you’re missing something about what’s been going on with me and this invention series of dreams, you might need to start looking harder and read between the lines (as I’ve repeatedly urged in my other website).

Bottom line: It’s neither prudent, nor my job, to readily disclose everything; if you really want to know what’s going on, you can find everything you need on both my websites. Remember – treasures are hidden for a reason and require digging and searching. Proverbs 25:2.

Iron Man 2 Clips – Arc Reactor Inception

I’ve chosen not to point out the relevant parts of these two clips because I do not believe it is necessary. There’s A LOT in these very short videos so watch as many times as you need to see why this movie is such a massive clue as my dreams above revealed. The first clip starts with Lt Col James Rhodes (my dream reference). Pay attention to everything said in both clips.

UPDATED: Both clips combined into one video with better volume…

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Recent Prophetic Update – Comments About Global Free Energy

I’ve never heard anything previously from the woman in the video below (Simone), but my sense was from listening to her that she knows what she’s talking about. The same friend mentioned above sent me this and it became obvious very quickly that what Simone is saying totally lines up with my Mega Prophecy and what I’ve been learning about the financial and governmental system of the world as I recently posted in this blog: Global Events Perspective: Process of Awakening & Discovery | The Eye Opening Dream.

I believe this is also the answer and confirmation of what I said above for those who have been wondering why the fulfillment of my big prophecy has taken so long. This is a relatively short video (less than 10 minutes) and well worth watching…

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading and for your support!


Image Source: Arc Reactor Wallpapers


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