Global Political Dreams: Codes & Symbols Warfare, Advanced Technology Timeline | Overthrowing Mass Murder Mind Control

Today I have an unusual update with a series of US political dreams. I will show you several of the most significant dreams that reveal what to expect regarding the US President and one very recently that refers to a new video you should see. I will again state why I believe this is relevant to all of us worldwide right now and to the timeline of the upcoming technology breakthroughs.

You might already know that politics is NOT my arena. I deliberately stay out of it unless I have a dream that points to something significant and relevant to my primary assignments. Therefore, I need to set all this in its proper context before we get to the updates…

Which Kingdom Is First…??

In the last few months, I began to discount some of my presidential dreams because I had reason to question whether God may have elected to change the outcome of national events (for reasons that would take too long to explain). Here’s the short version…

  1. Politics is the kingdom of man, NOT the Kingdom of God.
  2. Politics is low hanging fruit that gathers many itching ears.
  3. For those with a large following due to politics (especially in prophetic circles)… popularity does NOT equate to spiritual rank with God.

During the last few years, I’ve had several dreams emphasizing those above themes and that further convinced me that God was not calling me to follow politics. Almost everything I’ve seen from the church regarding politics (including prophetic circles) is mostly in the realm of the flesh and pride.

As a result, I became completely turned off and when I tried to say anything about it, no one wanted to listen. Here is what I’ve written already that further elaborates on the above points…

Having said thatThe other side of the coin is, sometimes it’s necessary to know what is transpiring in the kingdom of man when it becomes relevant. There is a Biblical requirement to understand the times we live in and to watch and pay attention to what is going on around us in the natural realm.

Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

Mark 13:33 (KJV)

In that light today, below is a list of the most significant dreams I and a friend had regarding US political events and the president since before the 2020 US election.

Dream – Juan O Savin Video Reference

This first dream is the most recent and points directly to the video I’ve embedded at bottom of this blog. Had it not been for this dream, I would have continued ignoring all current events…

Dream – November 8, 2021 – I’m in front passenger seat of sports car with 2 unknown people. It’s a British car because I’m on left side. Window is down (I’m feeling like it should be up). Driver seems to go too fast in place meant to go slow. I had the thought the driver is a well known political figure (Juan O Savin). Unknown rear seat passenger.

  • British = my past dreams already established this to mean the US / world governmental system (the kingdom of man which I am “independent” from as a king in God’s kingdom).
  • Window open = exposed, “out in the open”, potentially lacking protection (see video title below).
  • Sports car = literal reference to below video, Juan O Savin showed up in a red sports car as seen in the video below.
  • Too fast = literal comment in video; many in the church have become intoxicated by politics which is full of the flesh and fueled by pride, advance notice so I could avoid that trap.
  • Myself as passenger = I needed to hear the update in the video below as it has direct implications for me.

Since I do not follow politics, I believe that since my energy tech prophecy has global implications, it is therefore on a global timeline, and that is directly influenced by geo-political events. This will only make sense once you watch the below video.

I have thought many times, had all the popular prophetic leaders not been in full out rebellion against God’s chosen spiritual leader, we could have avoided this political disaster and had many technology breakthroughs a long time ago.

Trump Dreams – Returning to The Presidency

In my dream journal, since 2015, are many dreams showing me meeting President Trump in person. Additionally, a close friend who is connected with me because of my prophecy, also had a series of Trump dreams as you will see below.

DreamOctober 29, 2019 – I’m standing next to President Trump hugging him telling him how happy I am he is president. He wore a light blue suit. (This was so real, as if I were there in real life.)

At the time, I understood this to mean Trump would be re-elected because there was no way I would meet him in person before the 2020 elections (only 12 months later). The only logical reason I would meet Trump would be due to my energy tech prophecy fulfillment.

Putting that in context is the next dream…

January 18, 2021 – I’m in an office with 2 unknown people on either side of me sitting across from I think Trump (didn’t actually see his face) . He asks us to talk into his phone to just say something about what’s going on. I say something short about energy tech. Then he does same thing a second time but I don’t have anything else to say. Somewhat dark office lighting. The phone has his official White House photo on it and this was a political meeting.

The dream told exactly how I felt at the time… Nothing else to say because my prophecy wasn’t ready to be fulfilled. And that, despite the false news, Trump was STILL the president. The below are what my friend had within the last 2 years…

Friend’s vision – January 16, 2020 – was given a vision by the Lord 3 times and I am to post it on Facebook about Pres Trump…. I saw him driving in a white convertible with top down kinda like out in the desert and I heard a voice tell me speak this to the nation… you may not like President Trump but I have chosen him to do My bidding!!!

  • My comments: “Had a few thoughts about Trump out in the desert there with that car… Sort of like being a rugged individual in austere conditions.”
  • Friend’s comments: “Yeah it’s pretty much what I got too. Doesn’t matter how tough it gets he will prevail. Kinda felt he had an open Heaven over him too.”

Friend’s dream – October 19, 2021 – I’m somewhere and I’m like a secret service agent… I hear a message on my radio and it has 2 names in code like the talk about the President with…. I’m kinda a ways away from where I see 2 people who get out of a vehicle and it’s a man and woman. I see them being ushered into a building as unnoticeable and discreetly as possible. I can’t tell who it is till a little while later I see them from a distance but I see who it is… President Trump and his wife. It seemed like they were being ushered back into the Presidency.


Overthrowing Deep State Mass Murderers

When you take all these dreams together, it paints a very clear picture that supports the video below regarding the overthrow of the fraudulent 2020 US election and the Deep State globalists who caused it.

I need to restate why this is so important… The entire system of the world is controlled by wicked people that have been pushing their plan for mass murder for a very long time. Just a few of their schemes include…

  • False financial system made of worthless currencies that keep nations in bondage to central banks controlled by a very small number of nearly-unknown trillionaires.
  • False medical system and toxic pharmaceuticals that do NOT cure anyone plus the healthcare insurance scam that further leads to financial bondage.
  • Controlling the energy industry and repressing free energy technology that was originally discovered by Nikola Tesla.
  • Mass mind control by false “news” media that, especially in the USA, is run by 3-letter intelligence agencies which are controlled by these same globalists.


Perhaps you know that I was previously referred to Juan O Savin in a dream that I spoke about in my own video earlier this year:

High Altitude Science Dreams: How God Confirmed A Strange Activity & A Cure For The Matrix

Below is the video my recent British sports car dream referred to. When you hear what JOS has to say, it will explain why God wanted me to watch this. Here are just a few of the main topics…

  1. What is codes and symbols warfare.
  2. How the globalists have been using mass mind control to murder millions of people worldwide including by false “vaccines”.
  3. President Trump is still the Commander in Chief .
  4. “Biden” is nothing more than an administrative fraud put in place by globalists using computer controlled voting machines (as they have done for many years).

Towards the end of this video, JOS briefly tells of his own rare dream that showed the image of the pattern on the dress displayed next to him. He then tells about Jim Caveizel’s face to face experience with both satan and God the Father during the time of the filming of The Passion of The Christ movie.

Video posted by QNewsCorner on Bit Chute.

Please note the blogs linked below are directly related to ongoing current events. These will provide more background to support everything I’ve said.



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