Just Give It Up: The Paradox

How’s the plan going. Your plan. That one you came up with. Yours. Sounded good didn’t it. Been there. Know it well. It really was a good one. And not the kind of thing many would have achieved. But there was a missing dimension. And a barrier. Unable to overcome. Part of it worked. The other part had to be forced. Still only partial. Fell far short. Disappointing. Extremely. Led instead to a desert (no kidding). A real one.

Sand Tracks

Actually more than one. And a fight. Rather a war. Very long dragged out one. About 15 years long or so. To make the plan that was of self come true. But it didn’t. And few could have been so fortunate. To have their plan fail miserably. To be disappointed. Lost. Bewildered. Unable to understand. To know that God was partly the obstacle. A guy named Saul found out what it’s like kicking against a brick wall (something like that). Those that fight sometimes get chosen. Unusual things never seen before. Why?

Because they have a characteristic. The fight produces something. The desert brings death but also resurrection. Death feels exactly like that. To have your entire life killed but you’re still alive. If you could be fortunate enough to experience it. Many don’t. How can you get what you could not imagine. How can you get what you never even thought of. What would it be like if you discovered something bigger than what your imagination could invent. Then what.

How long would it take to realize this. How long would you be willing to wait. How long before you snapped (that was partly the point). Then what. What happens when you reach your limits. What comes out. What is exposed. What did you not know what there all along. What if you never do. What if you never find out what’s down there. Hidden. But it’s there. It’s in you. It is you. What does it take to expose it. Near death. That’s what.


There’s wisdom in that. Finding out what you really are. The ugly part. Or you could just go on living a lie. Wall paper people. What you are on your worst day is what you really are. There’s wisdom in knowing that. But how few ever do (that’s called shallow). That’s called unpredictable. So what happens when a person gets promoted to the highest levels and never found out what was down there. Then what. Scary. Very. Run fast (away).

So let’s suppose you do all this. Suppose you are one of the few who gets to die but live. Not for years but decades. Just give it up. Your plan. Not worth it. What happens when you get what you could never imagine. From God. Because you would not give up on the answer. The answer to why and what. Your purpose. Your plan failed. And you had to know why you were here. You could not live without knowing the answer. You were never going to waste your one chance here on a half-life.


People like this are hard to be around. They’re on a mission and no one gets in the way. Try it and you’ll be flattened. Better if you run with them. They have to ultimately be honest. Some are like this but liars. When the truth is presented, you find out what they really were all along. Fail. No. We’re not talking that kind. God knew He could use Saul. Something was in him that others missed. Yes, wrong direction at first but he was honest. You have to be that way.

You’ll find the answers come to you in due time. Then what. What will you do when it does. And it does not look like what you expected. What you were looking for. It came from a different direction. A different packaging. Maybe even one that would offend you (good). Too many sissies. Offense forces what’s in you to come out. Then you find out what’s in there. But what then.

Run with it and take the red pill. Or stay stuck where you are and never get your answer. You better make the right choice when it comes. Seen many who refused. Where are they now? Nowhere. Unfortunate.

Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

John 6:68 (KJV)

Fences & Crowns

Offense. Forces the reality to come out. Every single time. It’s good. Contrary to popular myths. Offense can save you. Gets you off yours. They are the fortunate ones. Those that were forced. Exposure leads to revelation and to life. It’s how you get honest. Stop lying to yourself. Then to others. Few teach it but this is the way of promotion. The kind that lasts. The eternal kind.

Thrones, dominions, marvels, worlds, kings in a vast empire that can only be led by those that go through the process. Not only rewarded then but now.

Is this making sense yet. Not this here. No, the other one. The story. More like a saga. In this galaxy. In this time. Real life. Just proving these are the same. But told differently. It came by dream. At night. Many. The wish that came true. Bigger than imagined. The wish that answered someone else’s. And that is now the why. The answer that was bigger than self-made plans with self-made motives with minuscule results that were never worth living for.

The answer that has no limits (not here, not later, not ever).

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Matthew 16:25 (KJV)


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Photo by Shawn Appel on Unsplash


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