New Series: The Process Of Discovering & Fulfilling Your Calling & Purpose | Supernatural Science

Perhaps you know that one of my top blog themes is discovering clues to your calling and purpose according to God’s original plan for your life. It is a huge subject as I discovered in the last 7 years since I began walking out that process myself. In the midst of rewriting and greatly expanding an ebook I wrote about this a couple years ago, I had a new idea to start putting out all the new relevant content into podcast and video episodes. So… that is exactly what I have today!

I Call It “Supernatural Science”

Have you ever heard anyone try to combine two realms that most often are at odds with each other?! Supernatural and science are, to most people, almost like opposites and I have sort of hinted at that in a few of my blogs. But… when God began revealing clues to my calling in dreams at night, I realized He was combining those two realms in a very unique and amazing manner. That led to the idea for the title of my original ebook: New Ebook! The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose.

As I mentioned, the rewrite and expansion project for that ebook has turned into a very long term assignment and God even validated that in a dream a few months ago! It is critical that we learn God’s process and methods of revealing the purpose for why He put us here. Therefore, I realized the need to publicize the upcoming content in a different way right now.

My Testimony = Your Prophecy

For those who do not already know the story behind it… this new series and upcoming version 2 e-book edition is based on my testimony of how I spent several decades having very little understanding of what God‘s plan was for me. Many things I tried only worked half way and there were many discouraging and confusing years. It felt as if my life was being wasted on pursuits and jobs that were ultimately falling very far short of what it seemed God put me here for.

But then… 7 years ago, after urgently seeking, God’s answer to my questions, He began answering me in the form of a huge prophecy and many dreams. Since then, the revelation of God’s calling for me has been so astonishing (and the process so difficult) that I realized the need to put this out publicly so many others could benefit.

KEY FACT: One of the most powerful keys to our own breakthrough and success is in the hearing of someone else’s testimony!

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17 (KJV)

And that is why God gave me this assignment to publish my ongoing testimony! Everything I say in this series is intended a pattern and template you can follow yourself.

What You Will Find…

My last few years have been a combination of experiencing the most amazing revelations about God’s plan for me but also in going through the most unpleasant wilderness of lack and austerity (God’s ancient training process). This process has been a very steep learning curve for me and I will be telling you as much about that – both the good and the bad.

Here is a very brief list of only a few of the major themes I will be discussing…

  • How God uses dreams at night to show you hints of your calling and purpose.
  • How your calling fits into the vast and expansive Empire of God.
  • Why you must go through an unpleasant wilderness & what you must learn there.
  • What happens when you get behind God’s timeline & the provision He made to catch up.
  • The process & timelines for God to develop you into someone who can bring global solutions that will change life as we know it.
  • Why it is critical (to the world) that you discover & fulfill the reason God put you here.
  • The overlooked aspect of God’s original design of us in His image & likeness (mysteries of creation).
  • The required spiritual & natural / practical actions you must take in order to ensure the things God shows you will come out of the spirit realm and manifest in the natural.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

New Audio / Video Episodes Available Now

Now it’s time to go check out my new page and become acquainted with what is already there. Remember – this is an ongoing effort and much more will be added! Use the image or button below to go straight to the new page where I am consolidating all podcasts, blogs and future video episodes in this “Supernatural Science” series.

As usual… everything is free and of course, donations are very much appreciated and helpful to me in continuing everything I do here.



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