Pleiades Power Station: Global Free Energy Tech Revealed In Dreams

Recently, I started broadcasting on a new live audio discussion platform called the Wisdom App. So far, it has been a great experience and I even had dreams in advance showing me to do that. The new platform has given me the opportunity to reach a very different audience for the purpose of telling my testimony, including my dreams about upcoming global free energy tech inventions. Today’s blog includes video, podcast and resource links to one of those recent live broadcasts where I discussed one of my approx. 60 “science dreams” on the topic of upcoming global free energy.

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If you are not already using the Wisdom App, connect with me so you can have live audio discussions with me anytime I am on. Since I am new there, I have started out by telling my testimony of how God speaks in dreams from my own Biblical foundation. Most of my new audience comes from very different beliefs so I have modified my presentation style in order to reach as many as possible. My strategy is to start out simple and then get into more advanced content in due time as it seems appropriate.

In upcoming live sessions, I plan to talk about supernatural marvelic abilities and miracles, how God communicates to us in symbolic dreams (as nighttime parables) to convey a personal message, and how I came to learn all this 11 years ago. I will also be doing live dream interpreting for whoever wants to tell me their dream on a live session.

Below is the text and links to my recent audio / video session where I discussed my first dream that revealed God was calling me to the field of advanced global free energy inventions. You can also find out much more about the multi-year series of “science dreams” in all my blogs linked on the “Mega Prophecy” page and in my Marvel Dream Revelations ebook and video series.

Dream: Pleiades Power Station

Feb 26, 2017 – This dream starts out with me seeing some guy who was about to go into space.  He was tall like me.  We were talking about being in space and how you need a space suit there. Then the scene changes and I see myself in space floating outside and right next to a spacecraft (apparently the one I had just flown there in).

Next scene – I hear someone talking about the Pleiades stars and maybe something energy related. I then seem to remember that I had heard this once before at an unknown previous time. Next, I’m standing on a far away unknown planet at night and I’m seeing the Pleiades stars but, now they have been converted into bright lights that are up high on poles that are illuminating a very large electrical power generating station. The whole area where the power station is, is very bright because of these lights, even though it was night time.  It reminded me of seeing the oil refineries in Texas with the bright lights on at night. So the Pleiades stars became these lights and they were illuminating a giant electrical power generating station on this far away planet that I was standing on. 

Primary Symbols Explained In Podcast / Video

I initially spent 2 full months (without success) attempting to interpret this dream. Finally, I called a dream interpreter on the full time JMMI staff who broke the code in about 5 minutes and gave me the answer to this mystery. He told me these 3 things

  1. I have a calling to business.
  2. That business is in the field of electronics.
  3. This dream reveals clues to an “invention to power the planet“.

The primary symbols (which I discuss in my podcast and video) include the meaning of:

  • Floating in space.
  • A distant unknown location on a far away planet.
  • The meaning of the Pleiades star cluster / what its characteristics represent.
  • The power generating station and its connection to upcoming new energy production here on earth.

Live Audio / Podcast / Video

In the live Wisdom app session and podcast linked below, you will hear my explanation of the dream and how I came to understand what it meant. Please note, the volume is very low on the Wisdom app version but, I edited and increased that for the podcast episode. I will make sure my future Wisdom sessions are much easier to hear!

Below is the edited video version of the above podcast episode with relevant graphics.

The video below is what I referred to regarding the SAFIRE Project. This is a plasma reactor that operates very similar to the way the sun does (not the way NASA says).

Below is a link to one of many interviews with David Adair that I referenced in my video…

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