“Supernatural Science”: Operating in 2 Realms – How I Discovered My Calling | Wisdom App Live!

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This blog contains a 2-part series on my podcast channel based on a nearly 2-hour talk I gave on a live audio platform called the Wisdom App. Surprisingly, 74 total people came on listening to me tell my testimony of how God used dreams to reveal my life calling in the advanced energy technology realm.

Podcast Series: Supernatural Science

In these 2 episodes below, I explained how to combine the supernatural with science and how mostly we perceive them to be opposites. I went on to say that my technology calling was only revealed to me by the supernatural realm as we see in the Bible. I also spoke about how God uses common dreams and common symbols to show you clues to your calling.

The audience I’m speaking to includes many non-Christians, or those who have no Biblical understanding of the supernatural. That means I have had to change my style significantly in order to reach a much larger audience than I normally do here.

If you are not yet a member of the Wisdom app, you can use the image / link below to join and follow me. Wisdom is a live audio discussion platform where you can either broadcast your own talks or join in as a guest on someone else’s.

Part 1

Part 2

Full Length Video

Follow The Ongoing Series

I recently began posting all podcasts and videos in my Supernatural Science theme in a new page. This series is all about the process I learned by experience of how God reveals your calling and purpose, especially in dreams at night. Check out what’s there already and stop back later to see what is new…



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