My Testimony of Learning That Healing Miracles Exist Today | Wisdom App Discussion

In this blog is my audio testimony of how I came to understand that the same healing miracles of the Bible still happen today. In the included podcast and video versions, I mention several of the people who I initially learned from and the healing miracles I experienced myself, as well as those I have seen in person in the last 11 years. This discussion was recorded on the live audio Wisdom App platform.

Podcast Episodes

As you will hear, I use a different style of presentation than I normally do on my regular video and podcast episodes. I do that because I am reaching a very different audience, many of whom have no Christian background at all. So far, this has been an excellent opportunity to spread various aspects of the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to those who might not otherwise hear it.

The 2 podcast episodes below contain the same audio as the video. Due to the length of my talk, I broke up the audio track for the podcast into 2 parts but, I kept everything together as a single video. Generally, videos run longer than podcast episodes so I chose to follow that same pattern here.

Part 1

Part 2

Full Length Video (both parts)

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