Transition In Progress! The Mega Prophecy Is Almost Here – What To Expect | Supernatural Science

Many things have been going on behind the scenes here with me. Most notably is my transition over to the upcoming “Mega Prophecy” business for which my other website has been set up – Blue Cube Rocket. This is a podcast episode where I explain everything you should know now about that transition and why you are seeing things changing (particularly on my email list) where I will be adding more “business matters” content.

The Long Wait Is Over

In this episode, I am telling how you are now seeing clear evidence of this new shift, how this fits the “pattern and template” I discuss in my Supernatural Science series and how you must learn to combine both spiritual and natural actions in order to make a prophecy come into fulfillment. Everything you see me doing now is exactly that! This is a rather comprehensive episode so make the time to listen to it, I can promise the time will go by fast as I had A LOT to say. 

PLEASE NOTE: do not expect this process to be totally smooth, rational or predictable. Just like what God told Abraham – He gives you partial instructions and leaves out many details which are not known until the day when certain things happen. 

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