Ebook Update: The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose (Version 1.2)

Good news! Here is a long awaited update to my 2019 ebook where I tell many of the most important things you need to know to discover and fulfill your God-intended calling and purpose. As you may know, one of the top themes of this blog site is how God reveals your life calling and purpose in your dreams at night. I spent most of my life (four decades) having no awareness that God still used dreams to communicate with us, or that He would reveal our purpose in those nighttime parables. In the last several years, God has taken me through a process of discovering my own calling and He gave me an assignment to use my experiences and lessons learned as an example that you can follow.

The Missing Instruction Book

As I started my process 7 years ago, I had almost no advance instructions for how to walk out a major life calling prophecy. Everything I learned these last few years was one step at a time and many times I wished I had a real life example to follow. But, I now understand that God led me through that very challenging process in such a way so I could turn around and use my experiences to help you. Everything in this ebook is intended as a pattern and template that you can use for yourself, even if your life calling is very different from mine.

Here a few of the many subjects and principles I discuss in this newly updated ebook:

  • World-changing breakthroughs that came in dreams at night.
  • The example of my own first-ever life calling dream and how it progressed into many others in a series.
  • How to operate in two realms – how to bring your life calling dreams into reality.
  • Becoming a supernatural detective – the search for what was hidden for you.
  • Triangulating clues to unlock your God-given mystery – how to connect dots that reveal the larger picture.
  • Why your process can be very lengthy and what is happening when it seems nothing is happening.
  • How we all miss God’s perfect timing but that He gave us a “supernatural time machine” to get back on track and regain whatever we lost.
  • The kingdom business of God and how the supernatural currency of divine transactions operate.
  • How God gives you “the idea” that will change your life and what to do with it.

New Plan: Continuous Updates

This an incremental upgrade (“Version 1.2”) to my original ebook. I wanted to republish this now with substantial updates, and then continue working on a much longer version which will be ready in the future. About 6 months ago, God showed me in a dream that the full and final version of this ebook will be a “long term assignment“. I began to realize that meant my original expectation to have the full version ready by the beginning of this year was definitely not going to happen.

The strategy I decided upon, is to continue publishing periodically updated versions, similar to how you get software updates on your phones and computers. Those who get this ebook now will continue to receive the updated versions at no additional cost through Gumroad or Amazon Kindle. Here is my latest podcast episode where I discuss more about this ebook and my plan for these continuous updates…

Podcast Introduction

Download Ebook

Below are the download links. You can also find this listed on my store page, along with many other recommended products. Use the buttons below to download this ebook (PDF / EPUB / Amazon Kindle formats).

  • Page length: 100 (EPUB & Amazon Kindle) / 66 (PDF)
  • Price: $8

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