Dual Website Strategy Mind Map: What’s The Big Picture? Here It Is!

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In case you are new here and did not already know, I actually have 2 websites. This one here began as my personal testimony of how my faith changed so much dating back to 2011. My second website is the home of my soon coming global energy tech business which I have discussed extensively here. I recently spoke about the ongoing transition where I am focusing more on my second site in advance of my upcoming global business. I just created a graphic description (a mind map) that gives the basic overview of how these 2 sites fit together, see below.

Most people do not realize that I have 2 websites. For those who do, I believe it has not yet become clear why I need both. Simply put, as I began learning more about my upcoming global energy tech business (ref “Mega Prophecy“), I realized the need to start a second website to prevent this one from becoming too complicated.

In case you are wondering… YES, it is very hard to run 2 completely different websites at the same time and keep all the balls juggling in the air without dropping them!! Below is my very simple digital sketch “mind map” that shows how both fit together in a very simple, high-level graphical overview.

Listen to the full audio version of this blog along with many other announcements, including a recent healing miracle I have experienced!

Mind Map Sketching

The digital sketch below will be hard to see on a phone but since I did not overload it with too much detail, you should be able to see it without too much trouble. In case you have never heard of a “mind map” before, they are intended to contain both graphical images along with very limited text. I have mostly held to those rules and, as such, there are a few elaborations I need to make to help the below make more sense…

  • CM / #1 = my initials, refers to this website (my first site).
  • BCR / #2 = Blue Cube Rocket (my second website).
  • F2F = face to face, this is the global ministry I am part of – Joshua Media Ministries International, of which I am on the part-time staff and have referred to many times here all over this website.
  • Kingdom of God = this is a direct reference again to JMMI which is THE manifested KOG here on earth now.
  • $ circle = designates those products that I currently have which do / will be intended to make money to support my work (extremely small amount).
  • $B circle = the upcoming global energy tech invention business which has not yet started but, has been seen in dreams and confirmed by prophecy to be a multi-billion dollar company.

My Dual Website Strategy Mind Map

Mind Map Video Tutorial

If you are interested in learning more about mind maps, check out this video below (this is the same digital sketching app I use myself for my mind map and all my new product images you will see further below)…

Latest Email Updates – A Recurring Theme (for you?)

For those on my email subscriber’s list, you just received the below a few days ago. For those who are not, here is what I wrote to everyone announcing what’s new, further introducing my second website …

If you have not checked out my second website, which is the home to the coming Mega Prophecy fulfillment, I’ll give you a hint about one of my top recurring themes that directly relates to you. It has a lot to do with how “reality” overtakes our imagination and faith for God to do anything unusual in our lives and ultimately causes us to achieve basically nothing anyone will ever care about.

Here’s the deal… when we are young, we mostly see the world and ourselves as full of potential. However, if you read my Supernatural Science ebook (which I gave out to everyone FREE a couple weeks ago), then you know how that childlike faith gets strangled off when we become adults. As I wrote in the opening pages of that ebook…

The more I have discovered and walked out my life calling, the more obvious it has become that most people go through their life with no understanding of purpose. They have their life entirely flipped upside down. How do I mean that?

We have been duped into many “modern-day” traps that sound like this: you must have a car and a house and pay bills so that means you must have a job to support your lifestyle. This then leads you into a routine and a rut where years (decades) of your life go by and you never end up asking the most important question of “where is all this going?!”

Why I Am So Adamant About This

You already know my story… I spent 40 years of my life wandering in a spiritual desert having NO clue why God put me here. Oddly enough, God had to send me to a real desert (Iraq) to prove that to me! As I began to learn what was missing my entire life, I realized I needed to do serious extreme overhauling of everything I once believed.

As you already know… several years after I began my very urgent search, God began revealing the mystery of my purpose one very small piece at a time. And as He did, what He started to show me was absolutely shocking.

Key Fact: I could have lived the rest of my life missing something so huge, it was (and still is) far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Bringing Dreams To Manifest In Real Life

In the last 11 years since I was in Iraq, I have learned things that I never even knew were possible. But you already know that! That’s why I wrote these 2 ebooks so you could experience what I already have been:

But recently… I have been extremely busy behind the scenes day and night for the last couple weeks creating the follow up to those! So, what’s new in the works? Glad you asked! Here is a tiny glimpse of what is coming next:

  1. All new artistic products (by me) in my store page primarily based on my “science dreams” including apparel, accessories and digital downloads of the same art I use in my new products.
  2. A new cartoon series that tells the same story I do on both my websites but in a new and creative way.

New Product Store!

Here are just a very few of my own 150 hand-drawn digital art products on 3 store sites – all of which you can find linked on my Blue Cube Rocket Store

In the order seen above, here is a short description of the meaning behind each…

  1. Real Science” – this is what God revealed to me in 50+ dreams about the coming energy tech breakthrough that will flip everything upside down worldwide and make “science fiction” movies become reality.
  2. Blue Cube Rocket official logo (every detail of this design is fully symbolic of my “science dreams” series).
  3. The Dream” – this is the 5-engine space tech jumbo jet dream I had in 2014 that started everything you see in my Mega Prophecy.
  4. Light Speed” – in case you did not know, God already showed me that this IS technologically possible using the science that will create the inventions I will bring to earth.
  5. Antigravity” – this is also possible for same reasons as #4 above.
  6. Finally… remember my “Iron Man 2” dream? This is the jet God used to show me (shockingly), that the new inventions will be exactly as Tony Stark did in that movie – he created a new element on the periodic table (that is why God used a jet that represents the 4th day of creation).

Coming Next…

That is only a very tiny glimpse of what I have been designing on my sketching app. These all help illustrate how God speaks in common everyday symbols in our dreams at night to bring globe-shaking changes and solutions, just like He did during the time of Joseph in the Bible!

Oh yes… In case you’re wondering about the cartoon series… I’ll tell you about that later. So far, I have several sketches drawn of the primary character and a very basic storyline created on the same sketching app I use for all my artwork.

Remember – when you buy any of the 150 products from my new store page, you are helping to support what I do on both websites. Thank you in advance!



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