Missing Clue To Alien Origin In The Books of Adam & Eve? | Podcast

This is an unplanned update on a topic I have had nothing to do with for the last several months. As you may know, I previously did a ton of research on the subject of “aliens” because I wanted to know what their origin was and why the Bible was basically silent on them. Just recently, I began reading through some extra-biblical books and I found a shocking revelation jump out at me in Book 2 of Adam and Eve. If you are not familiar with the books of Adam and Eve, no problem! In the podcast I recorded today, I will tell you a little about why I read them and why I strongly believe I just found one of the biggest clues to the unknown origin of “aliens”.


In the resource section below, you can find a previous blog where I summarized many more of my dreams on this same topic.

Books of Adam and Eve

Below are the exact PDF documents I read for Book 1 and 2 of Adam and Eve. They are not that long and yes, I do recommend reading them.

Ancient Writings Program

Here is the information about the Ancient Writings mentorship program with David E. Taylor which prompted me to go back and read the above books…



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