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Today I want to show you the results of a recent live personal video call session I did with one of my more active blog readers and email subscribers. What you will read here is the summary that a woman wrote after the first session we had. The purpose of the meeting was dream interpretation and supernatural mentoring so she could discover clues to her life calling. I was very impressed with how detailed her notes were and she gave me permission to share these openly with all who might want to schedule with me at some point.

Rules & Criteria For Personal Appointments

Before we get started, I need to make a brief comment that there are rules and criteria which I have set up for those who may want to meet with me personally. It is not practical for me to hold one-on-one meetings with everyone; therefore… Here is a short list of criteria that must be met

  1. These meetings can only occur after a person has gone through a period of familiarization with me and has come to understand how I operate.
  2. Meetings cannot be held only for dream interpretation – these sessions are for those who are serious about finding clues to their life calling and want my personal mentoring (rare exceptions can be made).
  3. I am friendly with everyone but I have strict professional standards – this is the kingdom business of God.
  4. Scheduling with me is done only when I send a direct invitation to a person or they receive one through my email subscriber’s list announcements.

With that said, let’s get to the very detailed personal testimony I was sent by a woman whom I will refer to as “MC”. I have now had 4 lengthy video call sessions with her and they have been very positive! The below are MC’s notes (in her own words) that she sent me after the first session.

Here are MC’s notes…

Overall Review Of Sessions (June 30, 2022)

About a month ago I had my first mentor session with Chris.  Since then, we’ve had 3 sessions and it’s been life changing.  I finally feel like I’m progressing in my walk with God in the way He always intended for me.  If someone would have told me I would be having one on one sessions with someone who could help me with dreams, spiritual lineage, and my calling I would not have believed them.  I’m an introvert (and all that it implies!) and talking about things that are very personal to me (and most people) related to your personal walk with God is abnormal for me.  

I’m appreciative of his time and the knowledge that he’s able to pass on to others like me.  We need more people like Chris who genuinely want to help people find their God given destiny.  Thank you!

Highlights & Thoughts – Session 1

Here are some highlights and my takeaways of the clips from our 1st session that stood out to me.  They include key takeaways of things I learned, how I prepared for the session, and overall thoughts on the value of what I learned.

Practical Steps To Help Identify Spiritual Lineage

  • Chris talks about steps I can take to help identify spiritual lineage.  
  • Study biblical characters and see which ones line up with your life, character, family, etc.  
  • Look for patterns in the bible of these people and you’ll find that these things that seemed so normal in your everyday life and you didn’t realize they were actually patterns that biblical characters displayed. 
  • After the session, I thought to myself that this was so simple yet a powerful tool to help with my search.  Now why didn’t I think of that?

Revelation vs Manifestation

  • Chris talks about things shown to us in dreams reveals that you will actually have that in real life.  Although you may not be able to exercise those gifts right now, God is showing you what He’s developing in you. First Revelation and then manifestation.  
  • For many years, I only had “fragments” of this understanding.  After the session with Chris, I went through a few of my past dreams where I thought something was being revealed to me but I could never put my finger on what it was.  With Chris’s guidance, I’m now understanding the abilities God is developing in me and showing me in dreams.

Success In 1st Session – I Got What I Came For

  • By the end of the session, I was fully aware that Chris’s knowledge and wisdom was from God and it was on full display.  
  • There’s a “template” Chris has used in his own life that provides a general outline of the steps he took to find his calling and spiritual lineage.  I was able to use that template to formulate the beginning stages of how to identify these things in my life.

How I Prepared

  • I wrote down a few things that I wanted to discuss to make sure I didn’t forget to ask them.  This also helped to target and zero in on specific questions that had been on my mind and heart for quite some time.  A few questions were related to some of the things I’ve read in books he’s recommended (huge help for me) on his website.  
  • I had been researching and studying on my own for several months so it wasn’t a coincidence that I had the opportunity to meet with Chris on these topics.
  • It was really helpful to record the session so I could go back and take notes.  From there, I’m able to begin applying it in my life.  I’ve even started researching some of the topics that weren’t on my list. 

The Encounter That Kicked Off Mentor Sessions

  • After submitting a dream on his website, I received the interpretation from him.  I could tell within reading the first paragraph that God has a calling on his life.  There were specific elements Chris touched on that were personal to me and he would not have known had it not been from God.  
  • This dream interpretation gave a lot of insight on things I’ve been personally dealing with.  He also pointed out elements that are yet to come (confirmed some I was already thinking, and shed light on some unknown).
  • He was also able to put certain elements into context that helped me to know what to pray about, what they may mean in other dreams, what to research, and where to have a little more patience as some elements may need to play out in real life.  
  • After reading the interpretation, I decided to schedule a session for help with identifying my calling and spiritual lineage.


That concludes MC’s personally typed notes which I pasted directly from the document she sent me. If you are interested in the opportunity to meet with me by live video / audio call, please add your email to my list using the button below.

NOTE: That above list is ONLY for announcements regarding live events or personal appointments. This is NOT my regular email subscriber’s list. (A separate sign up option for my regular email list is at the bottom of this blog.)



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  1. Thank you for sharing MC’s testimony. I hope this courages others to understand and experience that this is how the Body of Christ is to function! Everyone has been been given a gift to help God’s family to fulfill Eph. 2:18-22 and Eph. 4:11-13.

    Chris, you do have a gift and even though few took advantage of your personal attention, it only takes a pebble to cause many, far reaching ripples in a pond. God bless you mightily. Anna R.

    Liked by 1 person

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