Biblical Elements Of Your Calling & Purpose | Sketchnote Chart Explanation

When you go after the real reason why God put you here on planet earth, there are not very many resources that show you exactly how your calling fits into the big picture of God’s system. Without that high-level understanding, the pursuit of your calling will not make very much sense and you are most likely going to miss the biggest things God wanted you to become right now. To fix that shortcoming, I recently created a new free illustration to show you what most preachers and prophets do not teach, and have no understanding of.

The Big Picture: Biblical Elements of Your Calling

A couple weeks ago, I began creating a new sketchnote chart to show you how many of the most important elements of your calling fits together. The chart began very simply but, as I kept working on it, it became increasingly detailed and perhaps even complex. Each subject you will see in this new digital download chart represents a dense volume of information that requried several years of intense study to learn.

The below chart will now be included as an additional free download in 2 of my ebooks which deal with your calling and purpose:

  • The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose
  • Marvel Dream Revelations

Free Digital Download Chart

For those who got the above ebooks through Gumroad, you have already received an email with the high-resolution chart included. Those who got the ebooks through Amazon, you can get this as a separate product through my Gumroad site. For now, that digital download is FREE to all – click the image or button below to get the chart

Video Explanation Of Chart

In order to help you understand what is in this new sketchnote diagram, I made the below video where I walk through each of the main sections and explain what it all means.

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