Global Renaissance Revealed In A Vision | The World Is About To Completely Change

Here is the latest update on the global energy and space tech breakthrough series of dreams. In today’s video episode, I am telling a vision that a close friend had in 2005. In his vision, God showed him we are about to experience a global renaissance on an even higher level than what took place 500 years ago. After I tell my friend’s vision, I will tie it in with some of my top “science dreams” where God showed me the inventions that will completely change the world.

Video – Friend’s Vision Of Coming Renaissance

Here is a phrase that I keep repeating everywhere: “What is soon coming to earth will change life as we know it and make science fiction movies become reality.” When you hear about my friend’s 2005 vision, and how it ties with some of my top dreams, I believe you will see how the world is about to change in ways that will defy our imagination. This video is being uploaded to all my video platforms – YouTube, Bit Chute, Rumble.

Bit Chute (Same Video)



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