An Unexpected Stock Chart Dream: Silver ETF (SLV) | My Interpretation & Response

On September 7, 2022, I had a rather unusual dream that effectively followed up one I had back in January of this year. As you probably guessed… yes, it was a stock chart dream. Due to the wilderness training process God put me through the last 7 years, I had dumped all my previous years of stock market watching and did not actually think God wanted me going back to all that again. Well, as you will see below, He did, and I will tell you what my dream showed and what I believe it means. At the end of this blog will be the Biblical justification for why I believe it is helpful to post this type of content.

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

For the sake of reference, I am giving a tiny piece of technical chart analysis which I learned over the course of many years while I was still in the Air Force. I am fairly good (although rusty) at chart analysis but, I am not at all qualified to give fundamental company analysis. What you see below is strictly chart analysis based on researching my dream.

If you are new to the idea of technical and fundamental analysis, start with these resources on Investopedia…

Nothing in this blog should be considered “financial advice” or a recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise make any trade in stocks, ETFs, commodities, etc. This blog was posted strictly as an example that yes, God does in fact give such financial advice in prophetic dreams. When He does, it requires you to research and then ask for His wisdom before taking any action. I am not a financial advisor and have no plans to become one.

Dream: Watch The Silver ETF (SLV)

This dream came at a time when I really thought God was not going to have me go back into the stock market again. Back in January, I had a dream showing me I did need to get back into following and studying the markets but, it was not until this silver chart dream that I began realizing now was that time. 

Dream (September 7, 2022) – I hear someone talking about the price of silver and I see a chart where it went up fast twice. Seemed like it first took a dive before ultimately recovering almost back to the same level it started from (like a rubber band snapping back).[See digital sketch of the dream below.]

Digital sketch of 7 Sept 2022 dream, by Chris Michals

Researching The Dream – What To Consider

After further researching… the chart I saw appeared to be on a weekly basis (each candle stick line = 1 week price action summary). After the price “rolled over” and dropped exactly as you see above, it took no more than (what appears to be) 2 weeks to regain at least the $25 level. Looking at the left half of the chart (see below), $16 is almost at the lowest point that it can reasonably go since that is a previous support line. Today it’s at $18. If the price went up right now, that would be a 28% gain, which you could immediately sell.

If you did buy between $16-18, I would recommend selling as soon as it reaches $25 rather than take the chance of losing the gain if it dropped again. Alternatively, you could sell 50% of the shares at $25 and set a very tight stop loss so that if the chart dropped again, you would minimize losing the remaining gains. That would allow you to get a little more profit with the remaining shares before selling them around $26. Instead of buying the stock straight out, you could also buy call options if you are familiar with that. (Check the trading fees with your brokerage account since that will eat into your gains).

Remember – the dream did NOT show what happens after the price reaches the top as I indicated in the sketch above. If you were to hold this beyond that point, you are acting beyond the scope of this dream and you are completely on your own.

Caution & Warning

As with all dreams, when it comes to matters like this, you must pay attention to the details! Specifically… the dream did NOT show a consolidation period (weeks of sideways movement) before the rapid rise. Rather, it showed an immediate launch back up after reaching the bottom. To play it safe, you could buy it right here at $18 and take your chances of a drop back towards $16 (if it did, I would buy a little more). 

A note of caution for beginners… DO NOT chase this once it starts rising! If you miss getting in at the price range I indicated here, just sit back and watch; you will have another opportunity with another stock / ETF at a later time. Use this as a learning opportunity in that case. Also, if you were going to use call options rather than buying shares of the ETF, timing is critical; I would not buy until it went back towards $16 and most likely buy a November $16 or $17 option to reduce loss by time decay. (If what I just wrote is foreign to you, use the resource below and avoid this for now – options are very risky unless you have been properly trained).

Chart Analysis & Comments

If you are new to all this and would like to start getting familiar with watching charts, I recommend using a free resource – Here is a more detailed chart from that same website for the SLV ETF…

Image Source: stock (SLV chart link) SLV price as of 23 Sept 2022

Chart comment: The long horizontal blue line shows the first historical support level at around $16; the short descending blue line (right side) shows the temporary downward trend back towards $16. A solid break above that line may indicate the upward rise as shown in my dream has begun. The long red line is the next support level if the $16 level is broken. The grey arrows call attention to the 3 lines I drew as stated.

My Plan / Strategy

Bottom line: Based on my dream, I believe God is showing a literal rapid rise in the silver chart from approximately the $16-18 level, up to a max of $25-26.

My plan: If I do buy shares of the SLV ETF, I would buy between $16-18 and I would sell once it reached the $25-26 level. I would NOT hold these shares after reaching the max price range shown in my dream as you see in the sketch above.

My first choice would be to buy November or December call options which maximizes my investment potential and gives enough time for the chart to play out. Timing is not easy to determine, although the dream did show a rapid rise immediately following a bottoming in the price action.

NOTE: If the price action drops below the support level of $16, some of my analysis will require a modification based on the lowest and most ideal entry price. The next support level is between $13-14; a drop to that level would reset the entry price to that range for buying shares or call options.

As of today, I do not have enough money in my trading account to buy any stocks so I am only watching this for now.

Question: What To Do With This Dream??

As I say in most of my dream interpretations – any time God gives you a dream, you need to answer 2 questions

  1. What is the purpose of the dream. 
  2. What is the required response to the dream. 

In this case, the answers are very obvious. The first is easy – this is a research assignment. The second is more complicated because it requires a solid amount of financial understanding. For the purpose of you (the reader), I wanted you to see an example of how to do both steps 1 and 2 above. 

Future Content Of This Nature?

I do not necessarily plan to post this type of content on a regular basis. But, because my calling will involve me handling massive amounts of wealth, you can be sure I will find some way to post anything that seems useful to the reader. Most likely, anything of this nature will go on my Telegram channel where I can post simple updates much faster and easier. Writing a blog of this type is very time consuming and is not something I can do on a regular basis.

As I said above, I was fairly well trained in technical chart analysis but NOT in fundamental company analysis. Whether or not God plans to give me more dreams like this is unknown as of today. However, based on another recent dream, God did show me that a new part of my calling is to become the supernatural version of Robert Kiyosaki.

Last thing – I do not have a good grasp of the legalities of posting content like this on anything other than a very rare basis. If I can get that answer, then I will know what I can and cannot do in the future. For now, this post is again intended for your awareness and as an example of how to research and respond to a dream about the stock market.

Again, all I wanted to do for now was to expose you to the reality that God can and will give financial advice in dreams. You may remember that I posted 2 blogs already this year on the financial advice topic which you can find in my resource section below

Relevant Biblical Passages

Putting a blog and dream of this type into a Biblical context, here is what stood out to me as I considered whether or not to post my dream…

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?

Luke 16:10-11 (KJV)

Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.

Matthew 25:16 (KJV)




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  1. Chris, I am a technical trader with a lot of experience charting. If you would like, I will send you a chart of XAG marked up with my analysis. You will find it very interesting… Steve


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