“Dream Coin” – A New Digital Design & Invention Prophecy Updates

A view of Pike’s Peak and the Rocky Mountains from the northern part of Colorado Springs, right across from the Air Force Academy. 

This blog is an edited version of the email I sent out to my subscribers… For those who are familiar with my “Mega Prophecy” and my personal background, my new current location will make perfect sense. I am now in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is significant because of two military bases that tie in with my invention dream series: the Air Force Academy and US Space Force (formerly AF Space Command). 

Invention Prophecy Update

If you saw my last subscriber email where I gave an update on the invention prophecy, this is what I wrote…

“When the time is right, believe me, you will hear much more about what all this is about. For now, just realize what I’ve been saying repeatedly: “truth in plain sight” is revealed in many / most science fiction movies.”

Since then, I now have MUCH more technical detail about the invention and it is at the stage where I am not permitted to discuss the device. What I can say is that it is completely unlike anything that has been produced at any time here on earth.

Remember how I said in my “Marvel Dream Revelations” ebook and video series that this would fall into the “marvels of technology” category? That means it is something that has never been done before on earth. If I were to tell you about the invention design, you would understand what I mean.

Speaking of God sending the right people to work on this new thing, one of those just appeared this week. I can’t discuss who it is or their background but, they are an absolutely perfect fit. Along with that, many other things, including massive amounts of money are on the way as well – without that, this invention will never happen.

A New Marvel Movie Clue

This video clip is from “Captain America: The First Avenger”. If you combine this with the references in the section below, you will start to get an accurate picture of what this invention will be like.

“Dream Coin” Design Explanation

Why is my new digital art design significant?? Because it combines many of the symbols I have been discussing in my “science dreams” for the last several years. If you look closely, you will see the following: 

  • Pleiades stars – the biggest clue that it is space energy which will power this invention series. 
  • 5-engine jumbo jet – combines both space and energy technology. 
  • Lightning bolt – this invention deals with electric energy. 
  • The sun  a “warm light” – iPhone upgrade dream with Marvel Avengers movie reference. 
  • Full moon – this prophecy is now in fulfillment, it is no longer in the realm of a partial prophecy. 
  • Snowy mountains – my new location is in Colorado Springs, at the base of Pike’s Peak, also the general location where Nikola Tesla performed his wireless electricity experiments. 
  • Cross-shaped star – 1) combines the shape of the cross as Jesus was crucified on, 2) the star of Bethlehem (reference to my Christmas Chronicles 2 dream) and 3) the real star that guided the wisemen to Jesus – as my testimony of the invention will). 

There are many more symbols I could have included here but if you read all that I have written or spoken about regarding what is in here, you have everything you need to know what this invention deals with. My suggestion is to go back and read / listen to all those blogs, podcasts, ebooks and videos.  

Here is the new product line and image – all sales go to support the development of this invention.



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