Energy & Space Technology Invention Details Update From Colorado Springs | Podcast

Here is my long overdue podcast episode where I’m catching you up on all that has happened in the last few weeks since I left New York and relocated to Colorado Springs. As I mentioned in a previous blog, my new location is the site where the energy and space tech invention will be created. Hopefully you have been following everything I’ve said so far about this “Mega Prophecy” and how the time for fulfillment has come. In this update, I’m telling what the last several weeks have been like and how technical design information has finally become very clear, to the point where this “thing” is going to be created. This is exactly as I have been saying in my other website – “what is soon coming to earth will change life as you know it and make science fiction movies become reality”.


I apologize for the lousy audio quality but as you will hear, circumstances did not allow me to do a much better job. Just turn your volume up enough and it shouldn’t be too hard to hear me. As I say in this podcast, YES, specific technical design details have been revealed (by God, in a way I will explain later on). It is time to build this device right now and the right people with the right skills and massive amounts of money are needed right now.

As I explain, this is not just some random technology invention. This is a Kingdom of God business which plays a significant role in God’s end times plan for the world. Here’s the latest episode…

How You Can Help

As I said in the episode, if you believe God is sending you to work on this project, contact me at this page. If you do not believe you are supposed to work in this invention business, you can still play a very significant role by donating to help with all costs (personal and work related).



Send requests for dream interpretation using the contact form at this page:

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