Energy & Space Technology Invention Update – Ready To Build | Podcast

This is a significant update regarding the energy & space technology invention. We are now at 100% complete on design details and we are ready to build. God has been identifying the first workers based on various criteria. At this stage, we waiting on the funding to begin building the device (and to cover very much needed personal expenses). In this episode, I’m explaining all this in much more detail.

As of today, we are now at 100% complete for the design of the device. The the next stage is is to actually build the device (a multi-step process). In the latest podcast episode, I am discussing all the latest developments including: 

  • Design details 100% complete. 
  • First workers identified (by God) to build this device. 
  • Criteria used to determine who will be recruited.
  • How you might be considered to help build.  
  • Scientific basis for this invention (Thunderbolts Project). 
  • Funding that will kickstart the building. 
  • Where you can find regular updates (Telegram).  

Podcast & Video Version Episode

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have (or will) donated to support this effort – every single dollar has been very meaningful – this could not be done without it!!



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