China Balloon Incident: Prophetic & Military Perspective – Nuclear War Plans | Prophecy To America – Podcast

For those who saw the news about the Chinese spy balloon, this is my latest podcast episode where I discuss the incident from a military and prophetic perspective. This is an update to my previous nuclear war prophecy blog where I discussed the plans Russia has to attack the USA with nuclear weapons by submarines just off the coast, followed by a Chinese troop deployment which will physically take over what is left of the country.

Podcast Episode

In this podcast is my full discussion of how the China spy balloon incident relates to Prophecy To America. Included is an audio clip from KOGGC that elaborates more on that prophecy.

Main Points Of The Chinese Spy Balloon Incident

  • True, the balloon was reported to have communications equipment for collecting “signals intelligence” (SIGINT), but to stop there completely misses the point
  • The balloon was very likely intended to observe air currents in order to plot radioactive fallout zones according to what we call “intelligence preparation of the battlefield” where weapons targeting and troop deployments are now being planned.
  • Why?? Because, after the planned Russian nuclear attack on the USA, China will know where to land their troops in the areas where there is less danger of radioactive fallout. 

Why would I think this?? Because, I was a US Air Force intelligence officer during half of my 20-year career. Prior to that, I had 2 nuclear weapons assignments  dealing with weapons launch and the cleanup of radioactive weapons contamination.

It was VERY obvious to me during those years that God deliberately put me in those assignments because He was preparing me for my end times role, specifically regarding nuclear war

Prophetic Alert By KOGGC

This is the same video used to make the audio clip embedded in my podcast episode above.



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