USAF General Validates Need For Space Energy Invention With Warning Of Imminent Chinese Global Dominance | Mega Prophecy

I just had one of those unexpected occasions where someone in a position of influence, speaking on an interview, said exactly what God has been telling me regarding my energy tech invention that’s currently in progress. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, I even had a dream validating a connection to be made more than one month in advance with that person. What I’m presenting in this blog are the main points of a speech given by a recently retired US Air Force 3-star General and how they directly relate to the invention God has been showing me in my dreams at night for the last 8 years.

Space Energy & Space Technology: Critical Strategic Necessity

Prior to the other day, I had never heard of Lt Gen Steven Kwast. When I saw the video interview posted on a social media that I included below, I knew there was something in there I needed to hear. After the first video, I went looking for more of what Gen Kwast had to say on other websites / videos. The second video I posted (the Hillsdale college speech) is what I landed on next. I was so amazed with what Gen Kwast had to say, I had to wonder why I had never heard of him before!

The morning after I saw those 2 videos, I suddenly realized a dream I had on December 16, 2022, was about having a connection with him and collaborating with the company where he is CEO (Skycorp). While too early to say what that may involve, I can say that many of the things his company does has already shown up in my “science dreams” where God has given me many revelations about how my invention will be used.

Suffice it to say, it is rapidly becoming clear why I had some of those dreams, especially my 5-engine NASA space tech jumbo jet dream which indicated I would have an invention that dealt with both energy and space technology.

Rather than go into a lengthy blog post about all the relevant points of the speech, as it relates to what God has revealed to me in my dreams, here is a concise summary of all the main points. I strongly urge you to hear what Lt Gen Kwast has to say in both videos below and to follow what his company is doing.

Lt Gen Steven Kwast (USAF, ret) / CEO Of Skycorp

Gen Kwast was raised in Africa by American missionary parents, graduated from the Air Force Academy with a degree in Astronautical Engineering, served in the USAF as a fighter pilot, earned a master’s degree from Harvard and went on to become one of the most prominent visionary voices for the new US Space Force and the strategic necessity of American advances in space technology. You can read more about him in his Skycorp bio and official USAF bio.

Here are a few of the many points (in my own paraphrase) that Gen Kwast made in his speeches as it relates to my energy and space tech invention “Mega Prophecy“; (I recommend hearing it all directly in the below videos)…

  • American political and military leadership is now, and has historically been, focused on all the wrong things (of the past); they are not forward thinkers and have missed the reality that space is the realm we must now dominate.
  • The American people have become lazy and careless, allowing many wolves to come into the government and destroy the American values that once made our country great.
  • The warnings given about the military industrial congressional complex have all come true; our nation is run by those with the most money, not by those who follow the constitution.
  • The presidential election was a total fraud, stolen by those who care only about maintaining their own power, and have used their position to force a way of life not consistent with the founding of our nation.
  • As such, traditional American values have been thrown out, and our nation so weakened, that our enemies are on the verge of dominating a realm that will force us into submission.
  • Space is the realm we must dominate now, otherwise it will be taken over by China (plus others) which will then impose their value system onto the USA and all nations of the world.
  • Space energy (from the sun) is the next power source that must be taken advantage of now; it will power everything on the planet without any of the pollution byproducts of most of our current methods.
  • Wire transmission of electricity is a thing of the past, as are cell phone towers, all of which force you into submission to those companies, which they can deny you access to if you do not comply with their values.
  • Electrical energy from space can be supplied to remote villages in countries (ie: Africa) that currently do not have any technology whatsoever.
  • Technology currently exists to enable rapid transportation in space and on earth, thereby making any part of the world accessible in less than an hour.
  • We no longer need to be confined to space launch of large objects (satellites) because we can simply build them in space at a much lower cost.
  • Space-based resources (ie: from asteroids) are immense and can be used much cheaper than by launching them from earth into orbit.
  • The sun can be used as an energy source to power everything on earth as well as spacecraft for a very low price.

Now, think about how many times you have heard me say the some of EXACT same things in my blogs, podcasts, videos and social media!!

Must Hear Video Interview & Speech


You have heard me (for several years) make many of the same points as Lt Gen Steven Kwast in how the invention God has revealed to me in my dreams will be used. You have seen how my testimony, all publicly documented here on this website, progressed from zero knowledge to having a full detailed technical design for a space-energy device that can only be compared with what is seen in movies (like Marvel).

You have also seen how God chose me, a very unlikely candidate for such an invention, for reasons that defy human logic, largely because I understood the mandate to submit to God’s top spiritual leadership (David E. Taylor).

I say the same thing to you that I say to everyone else – when you support this effort (often by donations but also spreading the word), you are connecting to the Kingdom of God and His end times plan to save the world (ref the Bob Jones 1 billion souls prophecy).

Some of you who are reading this may be chosen by God to literally work on this project, others may have a different part to play. In whatever way God shows you, you need to take that action step now and do not delay. As I have recently hinted at several times, there is more at stake than what is said above (Prophecy To America).



Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash


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