About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

If you’re a new visitor, you might like to know a little about what this website is all about and why I’m writing all these articles.  Here’s a brief rundown on what you’ll see here…


I began this blog project in February 2015 literally as you see from the title – an “experiment”. I had a clear conviction from God to begin writing on many of the things I was learning regarding my faith.  As I kept writing, a few themes began to emerge: prophetic Bible-based dream interpretation and the supernatural realm with a Biblical foundation.  

In August 2015, God gave me another strong conviction to begin offering free Bible-based dream interpretation here through this website.  Surprisingly, without really any effort to advertise this blog, several people did find me and began sending me many of their dreams to interpret.  This has since become an eye opening experience for myself and those who have contacted me. As you can see from many of my articles and my contact page, I am to this day still offering FREE interpretation as much as my schedule permits – donations are accepted and should be considered based on certain factors.

Personal Credentials & JMMI Staff

For the purpose of establishing my own credibility, you can find all the materials I’ve used to study dream interpretation on my resources page.  I’ve also completed a training program given by a global ministry (JMMI) that also offers free Bible-based dream interpretation and I’m currently active with them in various capacities as a volunteer part-time staff member. Although this website here is my own independent God-assigned project, I am under the mentorship as a “spiritual son” of Apostle David E. Taylor (see Joshua Media Ministries International).

Transformation and Perspective

The articles here are strictly my own perspectives which have been formed over time and through a number of re-examinations of everything I’ve come to believe.  I’m always going through a process of continuous learning and personal transformation in every area of my faith.

I am (of course) a Bible-believing, Holy Spirit-filled Christian and everything found here is from that perspective. You can find my social media activities through the various sites listed on my Social Connect page.

Not Your Typical Ministry Guy

You’ll probably find at some point that I’m really not your typical ministry person. I do not have any formal background in ministry, and will not ever pursue that. My career background – I am a graduate of the US Air Force Academy (1994) and now (retired) 20-year US Air Force officer (Lieutenant Colonel) which is very definitely what God called me to. I also have a pretty strong background in technology and I’ve been a licensed pilot for over 2 decades.

So…you may need to get used to the fact that I don’t go along with some of what is normally considered “standard ministry” mannerisms and that kind of thing – some of that actually turns me off to be honest.

Creative Products & Resources

I’m very much into graphics and creative ways to express the messages I write about here and you can find some of those products on my gallery page and again, various social media sites. I’ve been in the process of creating my own ebooks and other digital products which can be found on my store page along with resources by other authors that I highly recommend.

If you are so inclined and understand the principles of God’s kingdom regarding supernatural business transactions, you’ll also notice that I have a donate page. It is optional of course and is intended more for you than it is for me.

Thank You!

Ok, that’s it for an intro…I greatly appreciate and look forward to anyone who will contact me and send in dreams for interpretation, or just post a comment and strike up a meaningful conversation.  Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope something here will prove useful and beneficial to you! 

Apostle David E. Taylor (left), Chris Michals (right) – August 2018 at JMMI, Taylor Michigan
My USAFA class of 1994 shield