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Global Situations Revealed In Dreams | Energy Tech Update

This is the latest update regarding my science dreams / Mega Prophecy. Many very amazing details have been revealed in the last couple weeks and the long awaited fulfillment is now in progress. In this blog is the recent video I made explaining some of the high-level details involved in what is happening from a…

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Intro to SONSHIP: Regaining Our First Estate | Characteristics & Modern-Day Illustrations

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen me make many comments on sonship. This is a topic known by almost no one in the church. In four plus decades in all sorts of churches, including Pentecostal, I had never heard anyone teach about this matter of sonship. 

In this blog, I’m explaining what sonship is and a few characteristics of operating at that level and how even modern-day illustrations are forcing this right into the open in some unusual portrayals.

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Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI

It’s now been two years since I became connected with Joshua Media Ministries International and the time is right to give a personal account of my first-hand experiences with the ministry, teaching and miracles along with Biblical references to validate what I have seen. Included is information about an upcoming annual event that will once again brings thousands from all over the world.

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A “Strange” Personal Testimony That Just Might Change Your World

About 10 years ago, God put me through a process of awakening to the reality of the supernatural realm.  For 40 years of my life, I had been raised and programmed by a western educational system and mindset that actively rejected anything that could not be seen with the natural eyes.  I lived most of my life having no understanding of…

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